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Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic 23 month old and wakes up many times during night? Help

Hi - can sympathise as my 23mth old Harry is doing the same thing and has been for a while. Is still in a cot (am now thinking of moving to bed) has same bedtime routine, has a teddy bear now and w...

Saturday 05 May 08:08am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry started new topic Sleep psychologist Dr Sarah Blunden, any feedback welcome

Hi - we are booked into see this psych here in Adelaide next week as our 23month old H is having chronic sleep problems (have discussed this on another post). If anyone has been to see her and has ...

Saturday 05 May 08:01am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic Nearly 2 year old with new sleep problem

Hi to all those going through a difficult time with sleep! My H has always been a bad sleeper, when 0-12mths was due to recurrent ear infections and even tho had grommets put in at 12mths we have s...

Saturday 05 May 07:57am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry started new topic 1 yr old wakes between 3 and 5am every day, so tired...

Harrison has never been a great sleeper, waking frequently etc... Has a couple of times gone for a couple of weeks sleeping 7pm-6am but then back to the crazy hours of 3am or 4am or 5am (this is li...

Sunday 02 July 06:08am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic always sick

Hi Fil - I know exactly what you have been going through. Harrison is 12mths old and has had 5 ear infections bronchiolitis, tonsilitis and colds etc... It is horrible to see them sick all the time...

Sunday 02 July 06:03am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry started new topic Antibiotics and diarrhoea

Hi all - just wondering if any other little ones who have been on antibiotics have had ongoing runny poos. Harry is one and has had 5 ear infections and has been on antibiotics 4 times in the pas...

Wednesday 21 June 06:48am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic grommets

Hi - we too visited an ENT doc last week, after Harry has had 5 infections in 11mths (he has only just turned 1). We are booked in next Monday and yes I am nervous about it due to the anaesthetic b...

Wednesday 21 June 06:36am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic How many days a week do you work?

Hi to all the working mums out there!! I have been enjoying reading the posts as I just returned to work yesterday after nearly 12 mths off. It has been a huge decision however at the end of the d...

Wednesday 03 May 07:47am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic Waking at 5am

Hi there - I cant believe that I am going to say this but I only just said to my husband this morning that the 5am starts were good compared to what is happening now!!! Harry will wake either at 3a...

Wednesday 03 May 07:37am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry started new topic 10 and 1/2 mth old waking anywhere between 3am and 6am, no 2 nights are the same!!!

Hi all - little Harry is a very unpredictable sleeper and we find no 2 nights are the same, does anyone else have this problem with this age baby?! He goes to bed at 7pm every night with a bottle,...

Wednesday 03 May 07:30am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic How can I stop bub from bumping her head on end of cot

Hi AJT, I have thesame problem with my 10 and half month hold. He is very active in the cot during sleep and ends up in all sorts of positions! I often hear him bumping his head on the end of the c...

Wednesday 03 May 07:21am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic nurofen

We mainly used Panadol until Harry got a couple of ear infections and to be honest the Nurofen is much more effective and longer lasting. It is also better for teething because it has anti inflamma...

Tuesday 04 April 06:15am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry started new topic Going mad with the whinging.....

Hi all - just wanted to let out my frustrations at my little one (9mth old Harry) and the constant 'whingefest'at the moment!! Does anyone else have this problem?! I think that it may be his teeth...

Tuesday 04 April 06:08am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic 9 Month old how many bottles?

My little man has just turned 9 mths and currently has 4 bottles a day, however he is loosing interest in them a bit! He was addicted to them about 1 month ago (we weaned him from BF at 7mths) but ...

Friday 24 March 09:15am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry started new topic Doesnt time go so fast....

Hello to all - I was just thinking this morning and getting all sentimental that time has gone so fast since my little man was born in June last year. Being a big bub 9pound born and always longer ...

Saturday 18 March 09:58am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic Infant Demazin - what are your thoughts/experiences.........

Hi - have used infant Demazin for the first time this week with my little man who is 8 mths and it was really effective for clearing up the congestion/snottiness at night and stopped him fussing at...

Saturday 25 February 08:45am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic anyone going back to work after having baby?

Hi - I have been faced with this dilemma now for a few weeks. Am due to go back to work in June which will be 1 yr maternity leave but due to financial commitments think I have to go back earlier. ...

Tuesday 21 February 08:24am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry started new topic S26 Progress Step 2 and constipation

Hi all - just thought Id talk about one of those íf only Id known before...'topics. I am dealing with chronic constipation with my nearly 8mth old and it is cruel to see him in pain. Having spoken...

Thursday 16 February 08:10am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic baby on amoxycillin

Hi Natalie - it is horrible when they are sick isnt it? My little boy has had 2 ear infections, one at 4.5 mths and the other at 7 mths and it was TERRIBLE! We had to put him on amoxil for both and...

Tuesday 14 February 08:53am
Lan & Harry

Lan & Harry replied to topic 6 month old waking every hour and half

Hi Kristie - it is so hard when they dont sleep isnt it? My little girl who is 5 didnt sleep properly til she went to school! - there always seems to be something which gets their little systems ou...

Tuesday 31 January 08:32am
Lan & Harry
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