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becky75 replied to topic Your contraception and the side effects

i have the implonon..this is my second month on this..can i say this is great ....i've only had a slight period this month if that, it lasted for a day..and the big thing is i'm still losing weig...

Friday 21 April 06:23pm

becky75 replied to topic Storing baby clothes

g'day well all i do is just put them into an old suitcase with the old moth balls to keep all the bugs out .or even the storage i have four children and horded allt heir clothes from my 1...

Tuesday 11 April 06:34pm

becky75 replied to topic Bohemian Rhapsody line by line

or is it just fantasey

Friday 30 September 02:42pm

becky75 started new topic ADD

HI I was just wondering if any mums out there with children with ADD. I really need help in the discipline area and need some really good ideas...

Thursday 29 September 05:31am

becky75 replied to topic Always crying or grizzling

HI have you tried too check her gums?if there are bumps in the gums you'll find that she is little man started teething at 8 wks..they came down and went back up. he got his first t...

Thursday 29 September 05:03am

becky75 started new topic funny things they start to do........

My 7 mth baby boy started suking his own arm yesterday like he was giving himself a hickey...thought it was funny...and he did aswell laughed every time..except when he bit himself then there was t...

Thursday 29 September 04:54am

becky75 replied to topic Any cool birthdates??

mine is on the 9/7/75..i always thought that was pretty cool and my hubis is on aust day ..the best day...and this it's both our 2nd marrriage and his 3 daughters are all in the same month as my 3 ...

Sunday 25 September 05:36pm

becky75 replied to topic how many laybys is too many to have at once

i loove layby they are the best except hubby has a differet idea..i normally have 4 at a time going depends onthe mood and what i have too get...but i love the sales and go 4 clothes in bigger size...

Sunday 25 September 04:56am

becky75 replied to topic Kiwi Fruit & Chicken Thigh

hi belinda, my little man is 7 mths and has been eating solids since 8 wks and having watermelon and rockymelon at that age...he's on proper foods and with 5 teeth thru he just tries too pull foo...

Sunday 25 September 04:49am

becky75 replied to topic Just not sure how much???

my little man is 7 mths and been on solids for ever ...he's luky if he has 3 bottles a day, but not right after his meal, as i find it too much for his tummy..but still loves his 1bottle at night.....

Sunday 25 September 04:33am
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