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Bambina replied to topic Solids or bottle first??

Hi you could try monitoring the amount of milk first, you may find as I did that bubs consumed close to an average amount over a week in those dribs and drabs. Each day make each bottle up from a d...

Thursday 15 January 05:17pm

Bambina replied to topic Everyone's an expert on pregnant women!

I agree about the experts but do want to get you all thinking about WHY EVERYONE (yes, including you probably!) touches the belly. We all want to reach out to the new life to give it a reassuring p...

Thursday 15 January 03:08pm

Bambina replied to topic Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

Hi ProudMum - great post thanks. Just want to say 'hear hear' on your doctor comment. Mine was such a jerk about me trying for a VB and I was so sick of being pregnant that when he started an argum...

Thursday 15 January 02:51pm

Bambina replied to topic hamper ideas

You can sometimes get beautiful serviettes (for all year round)at variety and surplus stores. You could get multi packs of little jars of preserves from Farmers and split them among your hampers, o...

Tuesday 16 December 04:14pm

Bambina started new topic Looking for Whangarei playmates

Hi locals We just moved to Kamo, Whangarei with our 16 month old boy Adam. We don't know anyone with children his age and would love to join your playgroup or host one at our place. We have grea...

Sunday 14 January 05:28pm

Bambina replied to topic What do you feed your 9 month old?

Hi Carline The Plunket nurses here have really great resources about when and what to feed bubs, good to know that this phase 9-12m is when they can start eating what we eat (assuming we eat proper...

Thursday 29 June 03:22am

Bambina replied to topic september 05 babies

Hi all How are the beautiful September children doing? Keen to hear where others are at with their bubs. My DS is crawling all over the house, can pull up to his knees but not to his feet yet. He i...

Saturday 06 May 07:21am

Bambina replied to topic Would you do the same? Found baby in car...

Heard another good reason not to pop into the shop and leave bubs in the car 'just for a minute' - a child got injured when a car involved in a crash at the intersection by the shop got shunted int...

Thursday 04 May 10:36am

Bambina replied to topic Babies born September 2005

Yay, my son starting saying 'Mum' yesterday, and hasn't stopped. Heard him in the night and this morning. Made getting up at 4 and 6.30 a lot easier! It's weird, he doesn't sound like a baby babbli...

Thursday 13 April 01:09am

Bambina replied to topic handy hints and multiple uses for household items

Save money on therapy and use cooking wine as a handy tonic for stressed mums. Just remove the screw top and upend into your mouth while no-one is looking. You will feel refreshed and ready to tack...

Wednesday 12 April 03:46am

Bambina replied to topic A place to write what really bugs you and let of some steam!

I need to have a really good whinge about the lack of drive-through conveniences in Auckland city. Yesterday, bub was teething and I still have frikken workmen on the frikken roof, so I took him ou...

Wednesday 12 April 03:38am

Bambina started new topic Today I Bought.....

Let us share our love of shopping! What did you buy today? I'll start: Baby sleeping bag thingy Facecloths (baby snuggles with one at night) Pretty container for my laundry pwd - and why not? A co...

Monday 10 April 01:36pm

Bambina replied to topic Tell me about yourself (another game)

1 My husband's name has been changed to Derrrrwin, I think it is starting to get on his wick. 2 There were no rusks at the supermarket this morning, the sparrows are going to be mighty peeved whe...

Sunday 09 April 08:59am

Bambina replied to topic A place to write what really bugs you and let of some steam!

It bugs me when the freaking land agent sends the freaking tradesmen round to fix the freaking roof, 6 freaking months late, right at my sons naptime without ringing me first. Sheesh. And then they...

Saturday 08 April 11:03am

Bambina replied to topic Tell me about yourself (another game)

1. Don't tell my mum or my friends but I don't believe in karma or luck or horoscopes or crystals. 2. I still don't believe I get to keep my baby, how long does THAT last!

Saturday 08 April 10:50am

Bambina replied to topic 1st time nz mums 30 years +

Hi Mum2bee It's an age thing, we don't think we'll have the energy to cope because we're pooped at the end of the day already! As it turns out (read any thread on this whole forum) ALL mums are tuc...

Saturday 01 April 05:08pm

Bambina replied to topic How many breast feeds a day should he be having??

Hi Kobesmum My 7m.o boy weighs the same, has 4 b'feeds at roughly 7, 10.30, 2.30 and 6.30. I just kept pushing the feeds closer to 4 hours (with the odd top up). At lunch and dinner I gave him one ...

Saturday 01 April 01:27pm

Bambina replied to topic freely pooing

Hi Mums My mother-in-law suggests a teaspoon of brown sugar in their food as it's a natural laxative. DH and I were worried DS was getting too much fibre as he eats meusli, heaps of veg and fruit. ...

Saturday 01 April 01:07pm

Bambina replied to topic Best Of Auckland

Hi Gang I love Lollipops at the Ellerslie racecourse. You can pop bubs in the exersaucer(theirs) or on a playmat(byo) in their littlies area while you have a latte. I went with my coffee group firs...

Saturday 01 April 12:53pm

Bambina started new topic Auckland Bargains

What's cheap this week in Auckland? I'm scoring an ottoman from Spotlight for $65, I got rid of my coffee table to make more room for DS! Need something to put my cuppatea on! They have beaut photo...

Friday 31 March 06:51am
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