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the boys

the boys replied to topic How & when to stop bottle feeds

hi my son is 15month and is still on 3 bottles a day on each sleep will not drink milk out of anything else tried the sipper cups ect and will only drink water out of them i wish i could get him on...

Saturday 22 April 05:43pm
the boys

the boys replied to topic Help 15mont old WON'T eat Meals

hi iam having the same problem my son is 15 months and has been a really good eater b;fast 2 weetbix then two slices of raisen toast which he has had for ages now but now lucky if i can get one wee...

Saturday 22 April 05:34pm
the boys

the boys replied to topic how many words

thanks for all your replies they all sound like they are doing well i guess he will start when he is ready

Saturday 22 April 05:20pm
the boys

the boys started new topic how many words

hi i have a 14 month old and was just wondering what other words your children are saying now he is saying mum dad ta and thats about it just wanting to see if he should be saying a bit more yet an...

Saturday 15 April 07:01am
the boys

the boys replied to topic Frequent high body temperature

hi my 15 month is the same but more othen at least once a week normaly the day he goes off to kindy it last a day or two his happy as playing not upset at all he does get a lot of throat and ear in...

Saturday 15 April 06:56am
the boys

the boys replied to topic Herpes Virus???

hi sorry to hear about maya i have two children with i have tried phenergen and both were almost climbing walls making them HYPO went back to chemist and he told me about verlergen (dont think that...

Saturday 15 April 06:51am
the boys

the boys started new topic happy b'day jan babies

hi just like to wiss all the january babies out there a very happy first birthday cant believe how fast the year has gone my little one is 1 on the 17th jan we are having a bbq at home with family ...

Friday 13 January 03:50pm
the boys

the boys replied to topic Stopped Eating

hi belinda my son for the last 2 weeks has been of his food his almost 12 month he closes his lips tight and shakes his head side to side he would eat maybe three spoon fulls and thats it i have ha...

Friday 06 January 06:55am
the boys

the boys started new topic when to start tap water

hi all the mums out there just wanting to know when you stopped using boiled water for drinking and for bottles and started tap water also when did you all stop sterilizing bottles ect thanks what ...

Friday 06 January 06:25am
the boys

the boys replied to topic holding the bottle

hi my son is almost 1 and has no interest at all in holding his bottle i have tried to prop it up but will still not put his hands on and he just pulls then away he is the same with his sipper cup ...

Friday 06 January 06:20am
the boys

the boys replied to topic Help, hates lumps!

hi it sounds like just what i have been going through my little one now 11 months has only just started taking lumps about a month and a half ago as soon as you gave the littlest he would gag and t...

Friday 16 December 02:09pm
the boys

the boys started new topic wont drink water any suggestions

hi just wondering i have a 11month old he has never been much of a water drinker he will drink about 10ml then shakes his head and wont open his mouth also tried several different juice and will no...

Friday 16 December 01:52pm
the boys

the boys replied to topic working from home

hi have you tried all the different sights on the computer doing surveys i have just gone back to work only doing 2 days but i started with avon gave out a couple of books to family and friends and...

Sunday 11 December 02:20pm
the boys

the boys replied to topic Parking for MUMS WITH PRAMS

hi i had a older granny lady getting into her car the other day as i pulled into my local shops i parked in the mum pram spot i got out as i openined my door she said to her friend she doesnt look...

Sunday 11 December 02:10pm
the boys

the boys replied to topic meal times

hi mums just thought i would check any see if you have any suggestions from 9 months even had trouble with different foods and lumps but getting better so we are just starting out a bit late

Thursday 01 December 09:17am
the boys

the boys started new topic any january 2005 babies

just wanting a chat with any mums how have jan babies mine was born on the 17th at the moment he is sitting crawling saying ma dada and into everything and thinks no is really funny and will contin...

Sunday 27 November 11:18am
the boys

the boys started new topic meal times

hi to all the mums out there i have a 10 month old and just wondering what other 10-11month olds are eating for there meals .Also with the bottle do your little ones hold it themself ?mine will no...

Sunday 27 November 11:10am
the boys

the boys started new topic finger foods(help)

i have a 10month old having a lot of trouble with food he has a lot of trouble swallowing any lumps will gag and be sick is getting better but need any ideas on what and how much he should be eatin...

Thursday 24 November 10:53am
the boys

the boys started new topic food

hi i have a 9 month old who is eating vegies ect but trying to introduce the food more solid now, he wont take it and if he does starts to gag and then throws up what you give him plus milk will n...

Tuesday 11 October 06:52am
the boys
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