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TeeJay_32 replied to topic kindergyms/playgroups in para hills/salisbury SA

Hi Tracy It was nice meeting you too! I can't believe how much Lachlan loved it last Saturday, I really thought at 13 months he might be too young. We're not able to make it today as Lachlan had...

Sunday 15 April 04:23am

TeeJay_32 replied to topic Does Soy formula help reduce Eczma?

I think it depends on the underlying cause of the eczema! DS's eczema is caused by allergies - one of them is to soy. I originally had him on S26 which contained a small amount of soy and as soon...

Tuesday 10 April 09:38am

TeeJay_32 replied to topic Allergy Skin prick testing

I had DS tested when he was about 5 months old - I was expecting it to be tough but it really wasn't that bad for him at all. He was tested for 12 different types of food (the nurse commented that...

Tuesday 10 April 09:36am

TeeJay_32 replied to topic Allergy clinic

It's a common thing but scary all the same! I'm in SA and was told that I would have to wait about 15 months to see an allergy specialist and close to 12 months if I was placed on the emergency li...

Tuesday 10 April 09:32am

TeeJay_32 replied to topic Troubleseome eczema!!!

Oh Courtney, I feel for you! My DS is now 13 months old and we have battled with eczema since he was about 6 weeks old. I remember many a time when he was scratching and crying in so much pain th...

Tuesday 10 April 09:22am
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