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Kiefer replied to topic Not talking?

Hi there, My wee man is also 2 in April. He isnt saying a word either, but does a lot of babbling with the right tones and inflections and "singing" songs to the right tunes - but just no proper...

Friday 23 February 12:26pm

Kiefer started new topic Pointing, clapping and waving

Hi all, Just a query as to how old your wee ones were before they started pointing and clapping etc? My little fellow has just turned one this week. He tries to clap when I do but is still a bit ...

Thursday 04 May 04:07am

Kiefer replied to topic Formula Rejection

Hi there Tylah's mum, This happened to my son too when I started him on solids. He is 6 months old on the 30th April. I battled on for a month or so, really trying (forcing!) the formula into h...

Thursday 27 October 12:56pm

Kiefer replied to topic not taking the bottle

Hi there, My baby is 5 1/2 months as well and is doing exactly the same thing. I have tried days when I have not given him solids (as it isn't really necessary for nutrition until they are 6 mont...

Tuesday 18 October 09:05am

Kiefer replied to topic Has anyone used Gripe Water??

Yes, we used Gripe Water when our wee man went through a stage of being very "colicky". It is FANTASTIC stuff, works like a treat in about 2 minutes and sends them off into a blissful sleep! It c...

Thursday 22 September 02:23am

Kiefer replied to topic Am i worrying for nothing??

Hi, I am new to this, it's great, but does anyone know if I can change my login details to put a signature on the end of my messages? Nicole, my baby is 4 1/2 mths and only just now has started li...

Friday 16 September 12:12pm
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