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min11 replied to topic Feeding a Jaundiced Baby

Hi, I also had a jaundiced baby she developed it on Day 3 and spent about 1 1/2 days on the billi bed. I was unable to BF her in hospital as she would only stay awake and suck for a minute of 2 bef...

Sunday 11 June 01:27pm

min11 replied to topic Novalac Formula

Hi, I have just started using the Novalac Constipation formula with my 8 month old this week. She has chronic constipation after a bad bout of gastro that ended with her in hospital. After the ga...

Sunday 14 May 11:54am

min11 replied to topic "Baby Einstein" DVDs

Hi, There is also a cartoon on the Disney Playhouse channel on Foxtel called Little Einsteins its made but the same people. My DD LOVES it. It is a cartoon but features different artists and compos...

Wednesday 26 April 08:28am

min11 replied to topic Confused with Pram Shopping!

Hi, I was a bit confused when I was looking too but at least you know what features you need. We ended up going to a parents and babies expo (not sure if they have them in WA) to see lots of differ...

Wednesday 26 April 08:21am

min11 replied to topic Reflux - when did your baby grow out of it

Hi, My happy chucker stopped chucking at about 4.5 months.She had Gatsro and was in hospital for a few days we had to put her switch her to a lactose free formula while she was sick and we were sur...

Saturday 15 April 09:12am

min11 replied to topic HELP small 8mth boy! normal???

Hi, I have another skinny baby here!!! At 7.5 months she weighed 7.15kgs today and is 74cms long. Most of that length is legs. She was fairly big (3.9kgs) at birth but jaundice and reflux after bi...

Monday 10 April 12:54pm

min11 replied to topic reflux - dumb question

Hi, I had a 'happy chucker', she would projectile after every feed sometimes up to 3 hours after a feed. She would just smile and laugh when it happened it only upset her when the spew became cold ...

Monday 03 April 11:59am

min11 started new topic How do you get bub to drink water or diluted juice?

Hi, My DD is nearly 7 months old and will only drink milk. She will drink it from a sippy or a teat but wont drink water or diluted juice of any flavour. The most i have been able to get her to dri...

Wednesday 22 March 06:34pm

min11 replied to topic baby not pooing

Hi, My DD had bad constipation last week and her paed advised us that certain food will block them up and others get them moving. He said the 'blockers' are rice cereal, banana and other starchy ve...

Wednesday 22 March 06:20pm

min11 replied to topic Help! vomiting constantly

hi meg, When you make up the AR formula the trick is to heat up the water then add the formula powder when the water is warm. You can still get your bottles ready for the whole day with the correct...

Wednesday 08 March 04:45pm

min11 replied to topic Prolonged Second Stage of Labour

Hi, Yes another prolonged second stage here. I pushed for 2 and 1/2 hours and i agree with Ashleesmum I dont hink I was given detailed enough directions on how to push and once I did know after 2 h...

Friday 03 March 02:02pm

min11 replied to topic Car Seats

Hi, We have a Safe and Sound Retractor AHR which is great. You do need to check the size of a convertable seat in your car as they are quite big and a lot dont fit in smaller cars. Most of the baby...

Friday 03 March 01:55pm

min11 replied to topic Help! vomiting constantly

Hi, When exactly does most of the vomit come out? Straight after feed? When you burp him? When he lays flat?When he has hiccups? Is he putting on weight? Is he in pain with the vomits or a happy ch...

Friday 03 March 01:44pm

min11 replied to topic Why did I ever buy a baby monitor?

Hi, I turned mine off after 2 months so I could get some sleep. I could clearly hear her from my room if she needed me during the night but like you I also have a lot of anxiety about something hap...

Thursday 02 March 02:25pm

min11 replied to topic Green Poo???

I have been told it is the amount of iron in the formula that causes this (told my and ECHN and my GP). We had the same problem when we went from Karicare to Nan (which i was given some free cans o...

Thursday 02 March 09:07am

min11 replied to topic Survey: Please complete if your bub was sleeping thru by 3 months of age!

Hi, Here are my responses. Child's first name: Charlotte Boy or girl?: Girl Age when started to sleep through: 9weeks Was this child your first child?: Yes At the time of starting to sleep throug...

Thursday 23 February 01:33pm

min11 replied to topic is my baby crying enough?

Hi, My DD will go through phases where she doesnt want to eat as much, and sleep more, then she will have a growth spurt and suck down every drop again. There is no minimum weight gain target they ...

Thursday 23 February 08:33am

min11 replied to topic Dry skin

Hi, We use QV bath oil and QV wash for the smellier bits and to wash DD's hair with. My paed recommended normal sorbolene cream as the best moisturiser but we have used the matching QV one as well....

Thursday 23 February 08:12am

min11 replied to topic Cold remedies

Hi, My paed told me the other day that you can buy a saline spray and a little nose suction bulb thingy (to suck out the snot) from the chemist. My DD cold has cleared up so I didnt try it but appa...

Thursday 23 February 08:01am

min11 replied to topic IBS & Pregnancy

Hi, I have IBS the type that goes from one extreme to the other. If you know what I mean, with bad cramping and bloating. During my pregnancy all symptoms seemed to disappear. My 'movements' were t...

Tuesday 17 January 11:58am
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