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emilys_mum started new topic 2 year old hits her 9 month old sister

Hi there, My daughter Emily will be 2 next month and the past couple of weeks she has started hitting her 9 month old sister, Sophie. She will walk past Sophie and either hit her on the head, take...

Friday 26 January 05:36pm

emilys_mum started new topic What comes first - toilet training or moving to a big bed?

Hi there, I am seriously thinking about toilet training my 2 year old girl. I was just browsing through Babyco yesterday and I came across the toddler beds. I got talking to the sales lady about m...

Tuesday 23 January 08:23am

emilys_mum replied to topic Jan 05 babies 2nd birthday

Hi there, My daughter turns 2 in February. She doesn't know many kids around her age so we won't be having a party. She has never been to the beach so I think a picnic at the beach would be lovely...

Wednesday 10 January 07:54am

emilys_mum replied to topic toilet training 22mth old

Same situation with my 22 month old daughter. She tells when when she's done a poo and trys taking her nappy off. We bought a little potty a few weeks ago and she sits on it happily with her nappy...

Tuesday 09 January 09:54am

emilys_mum started new topic Lunch ideas for my 9 month old girl

I am after lunch suggestions for little Sophie who is 9 months this week. Sophie is happy having weetbix for breakfast and vegetables with either chicken or beef for dinner and loves custard or yog...

Thursday 04 January 08:57am

emilys_mum started new topic I bought a potty for my 22 mth girl, now what?

Hi there, My 22 month girl is ready to start toilet training. She always points to her nappy, tells me when she's done a poo and trys to take her nappy off. We went and bought a potty but I'm uns...

Saturday 30 December 07:35am

emilys_mum started new topic 8 month old won't sleep unless wrapped

My 8 month girl just won't sleep in her cot unless she is wrapped. If I don't wrap her she rolls all over the cot and bangs her head on the side of the cot. I have tried wrapping her but keeping he...

Friday 08 December 06:57am

emilys_mum started new topic 4.5 month old started to wake during the night

My 4.5 month old little girl, Sophie used to sleep from about 8pm till 6am. I was very lucky. The past 2 weeks she has been having her last bottle at 7.30pm, asleep by 8pm but wakes up anywhere fro...

Saturday 19 August 05:48am

emilys_mum started new topic 15 months and not talking

Hi Everyone, My little Emily is 15.5 months and the only word she says is Dad. She has been saying this for about 6 months now. She talks in her own language and laughs all the time. She follows c...

Friday 02 June 06:29am

emilys_mum replied to topic APRIL 2006 BABIES

Hi Katie, I have been waiting for an April 2006 to begin. Yay! Sophie was born on 7th April (3 days overdue), 3.3kg, 49cm long and 32.5cm head circumference. Like you I had a very quick labour. S...

Sunday 28 May 11:20am

emilys_mum replied to topic Newborn Nappies + 4.85kg baby = Wet thru???

Hi there, Even though I don't have a boy I thought I would reply because our little ones are the same age and weight. I had Sophie in the infant size nappies when she was about 5-6 weeks. I find t...

Saturday 27 May 10:49am

emilys_mum replied to topic Ny 1st time mums Going to Blacktown Birth Centre?

Hi Becky, Just wanted to let you know I gave birth to both my girls at the Blacktown Birth Centre and they were fantastic. The midwives there are brilliant. I have nothing but great things to say ...

Tuesday 23 May 05:12am

emilys_mum started new topic Looking for a playgroup in the Quakers Hill/Castle Hill area

Hi Everyone, I am looking at finding a playgroup for my 15 month old girl. I live in Quakers Hill but am happy to travel to Castle Hill. Can anyone recommend a good playgroup in this area? Thanks!

Tuesday 09 May 01:01pm

emilys_mum started new topic Sophie Isabella

Welcome Sophie Isabella Chatham! Born: Friday 7th April 2006 Time: 12.55am Weight: 3.3kg or 7lb 5oz Length: 49cm HC: 32.5cm Hospital: Blacktown Hospital Sophie is enjoying having a big siste...

Thursday 20 April 06:25am

emilys_mum started new topic Changing to formula at 2 days old

My little Sophie is now almost 3 days old. So far I have been breast feeding but I want to change to formula. So many reasons...I have a 13 month old who requires a LOT of attention, I am really si...

Monday 10 April 11:06am

emilys_mum replied to topic Having trouble getting 13 month old to hold own bottle

Hi there, My 12 month old has just started holding her own bottle. She didn't want to at first but mastered it after a few days. You know those fold out sofas for kids? I lay her down on one of th...

Tuesday 07 March 12:29pm

emilys_mum started new topic Sophie needs a middle name

Hi guys, I have just found out I am having another girl! I really like the name Sophie but can't work out a middle name. I like very normal, traditional names. Our first girl is Emily Grace. Every...

Thursday 17 November 09:32am

emilys_mum replied to topic Hayfever and Polaramine

Hi there, I suffer from hayfever also and the chemist also recommend Polaramine for me. They checked and said it's safe for baby. I am 18 weeks along and have been taking it for about a week. I ca...

Wednesday 09 November 06:42am

emilys_mum replied to topic kicking and talking

Hi there, I didn't feel my first baby move until I was 22 weeks. And I never felt those fluttering feelings. So don't be too worried. Your will feel your baby soon enough. I never really talked t...

Friday 14 October 06:57am

emilys_mum replied to topic Sydney Babies for 2006

Hi there everyone, I am due with my second baby in April and will be going to Blacktown hospital. I had my first baby there and found them wonderful. No complaints whatsoever.

Thursday 13 October 09:46am
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