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RachelP replied to topic 3rd cesarean n freakin out!!

Hi Try not to stress. I have had 4. My first was emergency and I was under a general, my second was elective and a general. My third and fourth were elective and i was awake for both of them. You w...

Wednesday 06 May 09:55am

RachelP replied to topic HELP?

Hi. My 3.5yo and 18mth old are doing the same thing atm. I have to say though that cordial is NOT a good thing to give them. I was told that because it has salt in it, it could actually make dehydr...

Saturday 21 March 08:58am

RachelP replied to topic I Just Don't Think He Will EVER Be Toilet Trained!!!

Hi I just want to say try not to stress. I believe that they will when they are ready. My 3.5yo has just started using the toilet in the last month. I have never really tried I just kept asking hi...

Sunday 07 December 10:13pm

RachelP replied to topic Ectopic pregnancy and loss of tube

Hi I am so sorry for your loss. I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my tube too. I was about 11 weeks and apparently was bleeding internally so I suppose I am lucky to be here. I already had 2 kid...

Monday 10 November 05:54pm

RachelP replied to topic I want your stories!

Hi I have had 4 c/sections. 1st was emergency after 42hr labour. It was done under a general and it was the worst one for me. It took me about 3 days to get out of bed and I was in hospital for 7...

Monday 10 November 05:43pm

RachelP replied to topic How many can you have?

Hi I have had 4. I have a 16yo DS, a 14yo DD, a 3yo DS and a nearly 1yo DS. I had emergency for my first and elective for the other three. My first two were done under general and the last two wer...

Tuesday 14 October 01:35pm

RachelP replied to topic ovulation cramps

I have the same problem now. I did not have ovulation pain until I had my last bub and he is 10 and a half months now. I have always had bad period pain but now I have both. Not fun. I also now hav...

Thursday 09 October 12:52pm

RachelP replied to topic seeing own doctor until obstetrcian available

Hi Did you see him last time. If you did you should be able to get in earlier. I see Dr Sarhar and he normally has a long waiting list but because I had seen him before and I have had c/sections I...

Thursday 09 October 12:41pm

RachelP replied to topic At how many weeks do they do an elective caesar?

Hi I had 4 1st emergency 41weeks 8 pound 13 ounces 2nd elective 39weeks 6 pound 3rd elective 38weeks 7 pound 6 ounces 4th elective 37weeks 8 pound 1 ounce Being your first they will try to w...

Sunday 21 September 11:40am

RachelP replied to topic fees/costs regarding c section in a public hospital?

I am not sure if I was in the same boat or not, but I saw my ob in his rooms for the whole time. I had to pay for him as he did not bulk bill. I only got $25-$26 back out of the $90 I paid to see h...

Friday 19 September 10:17am

RachelP replied to topic Public Hospitals Melbourne - Where did you go?

Hi, I can't give you any opinions on the RWH but I can for Werribee Mercy. I had my last 2 bubs there. One was 3 years ago the last one 8 months ago. Now I may be biased but the place is FANTASTIC...

Thursday 07 August 05:56am

RachelP replied to topic Can anyone reccomend a good hospital in melbourne

Hi If you are in the western suburbs of Melb I would like to totally agree with angelkisses08. I had my last 2 little bubs at Werribee Mercy and also has Dr Sahar. Could not get better than that. ...

Tuesday 05 August 03:41pm

RachelP replied to topic Possible Downs Risk

Hi How are you? Stressing I bet. Look I had high odds for my last 2. 1 was 176:1 and the other was 1:76. I was 34 and 36 respectively. I had CVS for the 1st one and amnio for the 2nd. I only had t...

Saturday 26 July 01:47pm

RachelP replied to topic Survey of names (GIRLS)

A: Abbey Alana Alannis Alexandra Alicia Alyssa Amelia* Ann Annie B: Bailey Briar Bridgette Brielle Bree Breanna C: Cadence Cailin Caitlyn Carly Cassiopeia Charla Charli Charlotte* Chloe D: Deann...

Thursday 17 July 06:47pm

RachelP replied to topic Survey of names (BOYS)

A Aaron Adam Amos Andrew Archer B Bailey Benjamin* Billy Blake Brandon Brayden Brett Brock* Brody* Bryce C Caleb* Callum Cameron*** Campbell Charles Christopher* Cody Coen Cohen Cooper Corey D D...

Thursday 17 July 06:44pm

RachelP replied to topic How early can they book for c-sec

Hi I had mine booked in very early. Like I was 20 weeks. I had the same obgyn for all of mine, from DS16 to DS 7mths. He was easy to book with because he only does them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. ...

Sunday 06 July 07:36am

RachelP replied to topic STUTTERING!!!

Hi My 3yo has just started doing this too. He was very early to talk and never had a problem until just recently. If I ask him to slow down it comes out fine but it is still a worry. It has been h...

Saturday 05 July 12:19pm

RachelP replied to topic not sure what to do...advice?

Definately tell him. If he is anything like my DH he would want to know sooner rather than later or from someone else. I would not worry if "John" gets hurt, that is his problem. He obviously knows...

Thursday 03 July 05:22am

RachelP replied to topic Anyone had amniocentesis or CVS test?

Hi I had both. I had CVS with DS#2 and amnio with DS#3. They are both pretty much the same thing. Here is an address to give you more ideas about the numbers.

Thursday 03 July 05:11am

RachelP replied to topic brand new with tags childrens clothes at the altona market

Hi Glad it went good for you. I was not sure the weather would hold up. I did not get a chance to pop down there so I hope to see you next week. Sounds great. My son will love spiderman. Rachel

Thursday 29 May 04:33am
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