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mushimac replied to topic Swimming Lessons for Toddler - Gold Coast??????

HI, have you found a swim school yet? We go to the Gaven Swim School. It is a lovely family owned school with small classes. DD started at 17 months and at just over 2 moved to the class on her ow...

Thursday 11 December 09:23pm

mushimac replied to topic Night time toilet training

We cut down fluids before bed time - just a small cup of water with dinner, no milk etc after dinner. We would take to the toilet before going to bed and then again before we went to bed. I did how...

Thursday 06 November 07:05pm

mushimac replied to topic Does your toddler poo away from home??

DD didn't for a while but she has settled down now and is comfortable to do so. i always make sure she has her fold up seat to take with us as that makes her more comfortable too. She did grow out ...

Wednesday 22 October 08:41pm

mushimac replied to topic using pillow

We introduced a pillow when DD went into a bed at 2 yrs. Just a low, flat junior pillow.

Thursday 18 September 05:08pm

mushimac replied to topic How old was your bub when they were 14kg/95 cm?

DD is 2 yrs and 7 months and is only 12.4kg and 85cm tall. She is in the 25th percentile for both of these. DH is an average height but I am very short,hence DD's height. She actually has an averag...

Thursday 18 September 05:04pm

mushimac replied to topic backyard fun

DD has her bike, ride in car, a chalkboard (ours is attached to wall but you can get easel style), her small table and chairs for painting etc, clam shell sand pit, we have an inflatable pool for s...

Monday 15 September 05:29pm

mushimac replied to topic Toddler Daytime Nap

DD started to cut hers out around 2.5 yrs. We still however have rest time where she goes to her room lays on her bed and reads books or plays with her soft teddies. She stays there for around 1-1....

Monday 15 September 05:24pm

mushimac replied to topic huggies training pants

do you mean the nappy pants or pull ups?? We only used these for when DD was fully day trained and needed a night nappy. However, she was at the stage she was not very wet at night as well so both ...

Monday 15 September 05:19pm

mushimac replied to topic How long did it take??

DD started tt at 20 months of age. She only took 2.5 weeks before she was taking herself to the toilet rather than being asked or taken by us. She was out of day sleep nappies at 2 yrs and night tr...

Monday 15 September 05:16pm

mushimac replied to topic sleep time training

Hi, we waited until DD had dry nappies at sleep times. I think she was around 2 when out of day sleep nappies (tt at 20 months) and was 2.5 when we night trained. By then she was going 5-6 nights o...

Monday 15 September 05:13pm

mushimac replied to topic What do you do when you are out??

Yep travel toilet seat is the best. It is the cushie tushie brand and only about $15. We got ours in target and we just carry it in DD's backpack when we go out.

Monday 15 September 05:10pm

mushimac replied to topic Styles for Toddler discipline.....

I try to give DD choices in discipline ie well you can get dressed after your bath and have story for bed or you can muck around and go straight to sleep. DD will usually choose the best scenario, ...

Monday 15 September 05:06pm

mushimac replied to topic Bath wash, what do you use now?

We switched to a children's soap based product and DD got really dry skin so now we are back to using bath wash. We just use it on a puffy sponge now instead of me using it on her. We switched from...

Monday 15 September 05:02pm

mushimac replied to topic "Apple"

don't be worried,most advise not to give hard apple pieces until around 2 yrs due to the choking hazard anyway. I always gave DD steamed apple pieces at that age. Just cut an apple into slices and ...

Monday 15 September 04:57pm

mushimac replied to topic Using Dimatap or similar

We have given DD dimetapp when she has a cold - runny nose (clear) and is just generally feeling miserable. It helps ease the runny nose and helps her to sleep at night so she isn't waking all fogg...

Thursday 04 September 04:44pm

mushimac replied to topic January 2006 bubs? Anyone?

Hi Cara Long time no see!!! Hope both of your boys are doing well! As for tt, they all get there in their own special time. Emily got over her bug after about 10 days and has been eating like a h...

Tuesday 02 September 01:01pm

mushimac replied to topic what age would u consider.....

I think anywhere from 18 months to 3.5 yrs is ok. However, that said, I do believe in some parent training is definately involved rather than waiting until the child is ready. We sat DD on the pott...

Saturday 09 August 05:50pm

mushimac replied to topic Night training?

Hi, We have just night trained my DD. She also day trained at 20 months and from about 2.3 yrs was having mostly dry night nappies. I however, was not brave enough to take the step to no nappies!!!...

Saturday 09 August 05:43pm

mushimac replied to topic does your toddler brush theyre own teeth? or do you do it?

We always brush DD's teeth and then she has a go at the end whilst we sing ABC. Yes, we have had some battles but it is better to have those battles and get the teeth cleaned properly than to have ...

Saturday 09 August 05:37pm

mushimac replied to topic Reduced fat or full cream milk

Children can have reduced fat milk (not skim) from age 2 yrs. However, we still give DD full fat, I don't see the need to give reduced fat just yet.

Saturday 09 August 05:32pm
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