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Damsel replied to topic how big is your baby?????

My DD isn't quite a child yet (but I still think she's my baby even though she's 15months old) but I hope my experience gives you some comfort. My DD was born at 9.5 pound (4200grams) and she auto...

Wednesday 30 March 05:51pm

Damsel replied to topic Sleeping with nothing covered

As the weather gets colder and a all-in-one sleep suit may not be sufficient (not sure if this is the case in Brisbane) here is what I just posted on another forum regarding thermostat regulated he...

Sunday 27 March 11:26am

Damsel replied to topic not wanting day sleeps

My DD is 15 months old and I've tried going in to soothe her to sleep (which she has never taken to) such as patting her bottom. She flings her arms about in a fit like state and screams her lungs ...

Sunday 27 March 11:07am

Damsel replied to topic Heater safety

We have a reverse cycle (split system) aircon and we aren't really lucky at all. I found our airconditioner really dried the air in the house (it's not bad while set on cold during summer). It ge...

Sunday 27 March 10:10am

Damsel replied to topic Mums Meeting at The Kidz Club in Michinbury

If everyone w/out a car states the suburb in which they live then I might be able to pick you up on my way home. I live close to where the gathering have been organised (St Clair - Western Surburb...

Wednesday 23 March 07:48pm

Damsel replied to topic not wanting day sleeps

HELP MAREE My daughter is doing the same thing as already posted and I also suspect that she wants to move into a 1 nap a day sleep but am not entirely sure. I'd like to give her an earlier lunch ...

Wednesday 23 March 07:37pm

Damsel replied to topic help my 9weeks old girl want sleep at day time

Mitti You are not alone. I went through this experience exactly a year ago with my 8 week old daughter. What Maree wrote works for many babies but not mine. I followed the feed/play/sleep routin...

Wednesday 23 March 07:06pm

Damsel replied to topic help me... i dont know what to do

Hi Bonnie's mum Maybe your little girl isn't ready for solids yet - is that a possibility? Is she gaining weight? From what you have told us, she sounds like one of those darling sleepy babies th...

Saturday 17 July 05:39pm

Damsel replied to topic baby not sleeping!!!

I've saved that website but where were you in the first 3 months - huh huh. Em, I have to agree, you don't know what is happening until you seek the pedatricians advice. Maybe the plastic is out ...

Thursday 03 June 07:15pm

Damsel replied to topic coughing...

Hi Tepe My baby isn't too well right now either (it's seasonal because all my friends are experiencing the same thing) My couz (thanks Liz) is a pharmacist and she recommended a humidifier (the o...

Thursday 03 June 07:06pm

Damsel replied to topic how big is your baby?????

Again all you wonderful mums (I mean parents) have comforted me. My baby was born 9.5 pound which is pretty big and she has only been gaining 40grams on average per week. All the literature I have ...

Sunday 16 May 01:41pm

Damsel replied to topic Saying Dadda

I've heard the same as you Brandon's_mum ie dada before mama. I'm glad you cleared that one up because my husband can't wait to hear Dada first and I don't blame him as he is away from our little g...

Wednesday 21 April 06:16pm

Damsel replied to topic bathing baby

I found the best product which tackles each issue raised on this thread to be Innoxa Baby Bath (it's blue). I did alot of reading about SLS's (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) which is the chemical in our ...

Wednesday 21 April 04:19am

Damsel replied to topic liitle sleep/not enough wieght gain

My daughter is 3 months old and she had the same sleep patterns and didn't gain more than 100g a week (one week she lost 40g) . It turned out nothing was wrong with my milk supply. I went to tresil...

Monday 05 April 11:05am

Damsel replied to topic Babies in the car

I'm unfamiliar with the law in this circumstance, however, I have thought of two ways around the hassle of lugging a baby out of the car (especially if he/she is sleeping), I go to a self service p...

Saturday 27 March 01:12pm

Damsel replied to topic Expressing for every feed

The best answer to your question is Test Test Test. It depends on so many variables such as: The time of his last feed. The amount of foremilk and hindmilk u express. And what his mood is that day...

Saturday 27 March 12:54pm

Damsel replied to topic Sterilisation of Dummies

I was so concerned about this a few weeks back and asked nearly everyone I came into contact with taking particular notes from the childhood nurse...(silly me) I had responses such as the dummy ne...

Saturday 27 March 10:55am

Damsel replied to topic What do you classify as NATURAL BIRTH

Picture yourself stuck on a deserted island...this is a natural interventions such as forceps and no drugs such as an epidural. From the woman that had a Gas, Pethidine, Epidural & C-se...

Saturday 27 March 10:13am

Damsel replied to topic Any hints on what to take to hospital?

If you have nighties, make sure they open at the front if you plan to breastfeed. Take more rather than less clothes (or get your partner, mum, friend/s to wash them regularly if you, like me, hard...

Saturday 27 March 09:07am

Damsel replied to topic baby showers

If you've missed out on having the baby shower, don't worry, tell those around you not to buy flowers in the hospital but to buy small gifts for the baby instead....

Saturday 27 March 08:43am
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