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alix replied to topic Maybe Baby!

Hi, I bought one, and found it didn't work for me, I conceived w/out using it, I then gave it to a friend and didn't work for her either, however my sister also bought one and thinks she conceived...

Sunday 11 September 05:26pm

alix started new topic No Teeth!!

Hi, My little boy is 10 months and still no teeth. I'm interested to know are there any other mums out there with bubs this age and older still with no teeth?

Saturday 20 August 06:36pm

alix replied to topic Constipation?

Have u tried giving water after and between meals? I would have thought if your bub is not crying when doing poos it should be ok, I know my bubs has often done poos that resembles playdough, and...

Saturday 20 August 06:14pm

alix replied to topic green poo and yellow poo

Hi Louise, My Little one is 9 mths now, but i remember having this question for the clinic when i went back when he was 3mths as i too was concerned, and it is very common to have diff coloured po...

Saturday 16 July 07:10pm

alix started new topic Wrapping bubs

Hi, I was just wondering if any mothers out there r still wrapping their bubs?, my little one is 9mths and I am still wrapping him even though he eventually gets out of it and sleeps on his tummy....

Friday 15 July 01:32pm

alix replied to topic heinz formula

Follow-on Formula means the formula u give ur baby after they reach 6mths of age. Yes u r correct in using follow-on formula for ur 10mth old. I don't think there is a right or wrong brand to use...

Friday 15 July 01:21pm

alix started new topic milk from a cup - when?

Hi, My 9 mth old is still drinking formula from an avent bottle and water from a sipping cup. Does anyone know at what age to give milk out of a cup? Do u use diff teats (eg: green avent ones) as ...

Thursday 14 July 12:20pm

alix replied to topic Moving up to 2nd stage formula

Hi, My little one is 9 mths now and has been on follow on formula (6mths+ formula) since he was 6 mths. It's as simple as soon as when ur little girl turns 6 mths or a few days after, change the ...

Thursday 14 July 12:13pm

alix replied to topic How much food to give?

Hi Ella, I have a pamphlet here from the clinic that recommends u start with giving 1-2 teaspoons, gradually increasing until ur baby takes 1-2 tablespoons. 1 ice cube is the equivalent to 1 table...

Thursday 14 July 11:35am

alix started new topic pooey nappy changing

Hi, My little boy is 9 mths old now and well onto solids and I just can't keep up with changing his pooey nappies everyday (I change at least 3 a day, just after a feed). Is anyone else going thru...

Thursday 14 July 11:26am

alix replied to topic sippy cup

Hi, I don't know if u have got Kayden on a sipping cup yet, but I had the exact same problem with my little one (he'now 9mths, on a sipping cup since 7mths) I used about 4 diff bottles before I fo...

Thursday 14 July 11:12am
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