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AmberPickler replied to topic Wall stickers in the baby room

Doesn't everyone use them? It is convenient and great. My child has a mud board on which he writes desires, interesting thoughts. We also decorated it with a garland and toys, it looks very ni...

Wednesday 25 November 09:05pm

AmberPickler replied to topic Can't see device (printer) on other interface

I did not expect to see such a question here. It may be a confusing setting, perhaps a problem with the printer itself. Did you contact the service? Maybe you are right about changing the printer ...

Wednesday 25 November 07:46pm

AmberPickler replied to topic Where did you meet your future husband?

I would like to tell a beautiful story, but we met on the site, nothing special. I see that I'm not the only one. The sweetest moment was when he brought me a coffee to work (bookshop), and we...

Saturday 21 November 12:58am

AmberPickler started new topic Sleep issues

Hello! My son is two years old and began to have trouble sleeping. He falls asleep to music but wakes up from the smallest noise. I don't know how it works. Maybe you had such a problem. He sl...

Friday 13 November 09:26pm

AmberPickler replied to topic Baby girl name help

What cool names! Delilah and June are both great! Bu the way, when we chose names for children, we looked at so many values that my head went round and round. You will laugh, but I named the eldes...

Friday 13 November 08:46pm

AmberPickler replied to topic How to relieve bloating?

There are many reasons for this, from hormones to the fact that you talk while eating and swallow the air. Try the exercises, if there are no contraindications. Also, try to keep an eye on how much...

Wednesday 11 November 07:25pm

AmberPickler replied to topic We are going on a little trip

Hello! We traveled only once this year, when the quarantine began, we moved to our parents' house. There is a large area, safe and children have a place to play. We drove 7 hours by car, and i...

Wednesday 11 November 06:59pm
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