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[email protected] replied to topic March 2006 babies!!!!!!!!

Just like your thoughts on something that was said to me that i took offence to today. I was told that a child should be sleeping through the night from 12 weeks on. If they aren't its the parents...

Wednesday 20 September 07:04pm

[email protected] replied to topic mums from mornington peninsula area!!!!

Hi Kyle, & everyone else, sorry if i'm crashing in here, but i am also from hastings area. Lived here y whole life, but don't seem to recognise any names here. I'm a first time mum to a 5month old...

Thursday 14 September 06:59pm

[email protected] replied to topic Will formula make my baby sleep longer?

Hi Shelly, I read some other replys and am going to put a spanner in the works. Mackie was BF until 4.5months and then introduced formula (we were losing too much weight, wasn't by choice) and i ha...

Friday 01 September 07:01pm

[email protected] replied to topic March 2006 babies!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone, I'm a newwy at this, I'm a first time mum to baby Mackenzie Luana, also a march baby. It just took me this long to find something like this. She was meant to be born on April 23, bu...

Wednesday 23 August 05:31pm

[email protected] replied to topic What can i do for Father's Day???

Hi Bec, this is also my hubby's 1st Fathers Day. For Mothers Day (which he forgot!) our little girl was 6 weeks old and he eventually bought a really small camera and printed a note saying "Pleas...

Friday 18 August 07:49pm

[email protected] replied to topic FRIENDS!

Hi I too can totally relate to everything you said. I'm a first time mum but also look very young and am very shy. (in the first photo i had with my daughter a male that was shown the picture thoug...

Friday 18 August 07:40pm
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