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siane replied to topic Moving the car seat

Ive always had the bub seat on the passenger side so you are always getting them out onto the kerb instead of the road

Saturday 21 April 06:46pm

siane replied to topic Baby Sign Language

I bought a book over the internet that teaches you and anyone else how to sign. The website is It cost me 30 bucks

Wednesday 02 November 08:45pm

siane replied to topic What to do with a cold

you can take panadol and vitamin c thats about it!!!! Its painful I know!!!!!

Wednesday 02 November 08:36pm

siane replied to topic Swimming

hiya, I took my little munchkin in the pool on the weekend for the firt time. I used the huggies little swimmers then over the top a pair of swimmers (full costume). Had no worries and they didnt...

Wednesday 02 November 08:31pm

siane started new topic how many sleep for a 5-6 month old?

I was wondering how many day sleeps babies between 5-6 months are having. My little one is only having 2 sleeps which both go for 2-3 hrs. He generally wakes at about 3pm in the arvo and stays up...

Sunday 23 October 06:02pm

siane started new topic I dont know if hes having enough milk

Hi all, My bubba who is 5 1/2 months is having four B/F a day but he doesnt seem to be drinking that much(10 mins). He is already on solids and he loves drinking water from a cup. I have been fe...

Sunday 23 October 05:46pm

siane replied to topic 4mth old baby

when my boy was four months his weight was 7.1kgs and was 70cm long

Friday 14 October 05:08pm

siane replied to topic is your hair falling out?

its all normal! Whilst your preggas your hair does not fall out and you have thick lush hair, but once the baby comes you loose all the hair that you would normally have plus the hair you gained wh...

Thursday 13 October 10:24am

siane replied to topic When can bubs have water?

I also live in Brissy and ever since the weather has heated up (specially these last 3 weeks) Ive been giving bub boiled water. My Ronin is breastfeed only and Im using a bottle he loves it. Im g...

Wednesday 12 October 05:28pm

siane replied to topic 24 hour day care

Have you tried family day care? They usually will do night sitting as well

Monday 10 October 08:53pm

siane replied to topic WEIGH IN

Mums Name: Siane Babys name: Ronin Babys age: 5 Months Babys weight at Birth: 3.3kgs Weight Now: 7.16kg Height: (at birth 52 1/2cm) 71cm now H/C:43cm

Monday 10 October 08:33pm

siane started new topic Step children

Hi all, I live with my partner and his 5 yr olddaughter and we have also a bubba who is now 4 1/2 months. I have been with his daughter since she was 2 and her mum was not interested in her life. ...

Wednesday 05 October 05:06pm
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