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HeidiB replied to topic I NEED HELP!!!!

I have been in exactly the same position, new baby set things right back etc etc. Now bubs is 3 months Laura is starting to come right with the tt again. We used a stamp chart for about 3 weeks to ...

Monday 09 July 03:24am

HeidiB replied to topic New baby due soon, how do i get DS tt

I hate to be the one to say it, but if he's not ready then you will have an uphill battle on your hands. M<y daughter decided she wanted to wear knickers not nappies about 6 weeks before I was d...

Monday 09 July 03:21am

HeidiB replied to topic What does your toddler (2-3 years) know?

I trained as a teacher & I can tell you the best way for kids to learn anything is for you to talk about it. So if you're talking about colours & counting & letters & shapes then you're doing every...

Thursday 07 June 01:17pm

HeidiB replied to topic was toilet trained now has regressed HELP

My daughter is the same. She was TT'd just before she was 2 & now since we bought my son home (9wks old) she has gone right back to the start. I lost the plot the other day & put her back in nappie...

Thursday 07 June 01:10pm

HeidiB replied to topic wont stay in her bed

I was just about to post the exact same thing. My 2 yr old has started getting up like this too. She also used to be 7am to 7pm & this has all started since she gave up her day sleep 3/4 weeks ago....

Saturday 19 May 01:21pm

HeidiB replied to topic Sporadic labour/stalled labour????

Hi I see you're due tomorrow, I'm due on wednesday. I've been having the same sort of thing with period type cramping etc for the last week. It will come on for a while (mostly at ngiht for me) the...

Tuesday 03 April 05:04am

HeidiB started new topic Good start to TT but...

We've been TT for 2 weeks now & Laura's doing really well. She quite often takes herself off to the potty when she needs to go & we've only had 1 accident a day for the last few days (we've had a c...

Wednesday 07 March 01:56pm

HeidiB replied to topic Showing all the signs but scared to go on toilet

Laura has the same problem, she's just physically too little for the big toilet, she doesn't mind going but she can't use the step to get onto the seat, it just isn't high enough. I agree with what...

Tuesday 06 March 08:49am

HeidiB replied to topic gone..??

Hi Inez, this time I found I had nausea that only lasted a few weeks, till about 8 weeks, then it went. I also had no sore breasts (I did big time in 1st pregnancy) & didnt really start to put on w...

Friday 23 February 08:27am

HeidiB replied to topic Should I be concerned????

Have you spoken to your midwife? I get quite painful b/hicks sometimes (I'm 34 weeks) & your discharge does increase. But I would check with midwife to be sure & she'll probably tell you to take it...

Thursday 22 February 08:29am

HeidiB replied to topic Just started toilet training - does she really need to go???

Hi With Laura she started saying wees while she was going (eg in nappy) so by the time I got her on the potty, she had just been. It's only been in the last week she's started saying it, then going...

Sunday 18 February 08:32am

HeidiB replied to topic Cramping feeling @ 34 weeks... like AF!

HI I've been having a little of this in the last week (I'm 33 weeks) & when I checked with midwife she thought it was probably stretching & baby moving down. Bubs seems to be moving up & down a bit...

Friday 16 February 03:20pm

HeidiB replied to topic HOW LONG DID YOU LABOUR LAST??

I had lots of b/hicks & noticed actual contractions were 20 mins apart at 10pm. Called midwife at 1am, Went to hospital at 2am, contr. 2 mins apart by then. Baby born at 5am. So 6.5 hrs of labour. ...

Saturday 03 February 06:59am

HeidiB replied to topic BBT Tracking

Yep, I'm no expert, I started using it a couple of months before I got pregnant this time around. I used temperature & cervical mucus to work out ov. I was having very long cycles & tho I got preg...

Thursday 01 February 03:34pm

HeidiB replied to topic Toddler Taming Books ... Can Anyone Reccomend ???

Dr Green's toddler tamng is a really good one. It has lots of down to earth advice & gives you some idea of what to expect of your toddler. It has chapters on toilet training, eating, sleeping, all...

Wednesday 31 January 03:17pm

HeidiB replied to topic Waterbirth

Sorry, didn't have a water birth but laboured in the pool & it was fantastic, I was in there for about an hour before the pain got too much & I decided I wanted to be moving. The hot water on your ...

Friday 12 January 03:24pm

HeidiB started new topic Where to now?

My dd is 20 mths & she is asking for her potty several times a day & uses it to do poos & sometimes wees. Most of the wees are still going in the nappy. Should I try cold turkey, eg into knickers &...

Saturday 23 December 03:09pm

HeidiB replied to topic Just curious as to how many people have had either Caesarian or natural births

I also had a natural birth last time & fully expect to this time as well. A little dose of pethidine & lotsa gas. It is interesting how many people are having caesarians, I can see in most cases th...

Sunday 26 November 09:42am

HeidiB replied to topic When does your breast milk come in????

I didn't have any milk leaking or colostrum while pregnant but as the last person said your milk comes in 2-5 days after labour. I found on day 3 I was exploding with milk, you'll be fine, don't w...

Wednesday 22 November 08:07am

HeidiB replied to topic scan at 12weeks if had one at 8

I also had a dating scan at 8 weeks & chose not to have the scan at 12 weeks. As the previous person said, they check for the risk of having downs syndrome. It doesn't tell you one way or the other...

Saturday 18 November 08:23am
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