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leisau replied to topic settling to sleep

Hi Kathrine, Try giveing her something special each morning if she goes to be on her own for you it will need to be something she loves.You cant give her her special treat at all though only if she...

Tuesday 08 November 08:55am

leisau replied to topic Baby hates cot and moves about uncontrollably.

Hi i have the same problem and cortney now sleeps in her pram.She is much happier there and seems to sleep better.also she is a baby that likes to be wrapped this is my 5th baby and only 2 of them...

Tuesday 08 November 08:40am

leisau started new topic Knowing the tired signs its helps

Hi everyone i have just had baby # 5 i hope this can help some of you poor people that have babies that dont sleep.Cortney is 7 weeks old now and has reflux and also can have lactose.She wasnt sle...

Tuesday 08 November 08:38am

leisau replied to topic ANYONE DUE IN SEPTEMBER

Hi i am due on september 8th with my 5th baby.

Wednesday 20 July 06:20am
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