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ShellyC replied to topic Invitations for 1st Birthday

I do alot of invites through MS Word. I usually create three columns on a landscaped page and then add a small pic of bub (or whoever) up the top and then add the details underneath and add borders...

Saturday 08 September 04:31pm

ShellyC replied to topic debate with DH - please read!!

I think it should definately be acknowledged - maybe not with a huge pressie but maybe a card or something small. My cousin gave me a lovely candle (baby safe of course) when I was pregnant for Mot...

Saturday 08 September 04:15pm

ShellyC replied to topic Daycare

Thanks for your replies I am thinking about when DS should go to daycare and was curious as to what others thought about it. It seems to work very well for you KC which is very encouraging

Saturday 08 September 04:05pm

ShellyC started new topic Daycare

Hi Everyone, I am wanting to find out other people's opinions or experiences with sending their toddlers to Daycare. It would be in relation to mixing with other kids etc not so much returning to ...

Friday 07 September 06:02pm

ShellyC replied to topic Want to get baby christned in Anglican

We had our DS christened at Sandgate last year and it was done after the morning service. I think sometimes they christen two or three at the same time but ours was just the one. We arrived as the ...

Friday 07 September 01:03pm

ShellyC replied to topic mums in Narangba area!!

Hi Vicky and Shirley, Glad to hear that Liam is ok and we will see you all tomorrow!

Wednesday 22 August 12:05pm

ShellyC replied to topic ridiculous advice from random grannies

Grannies always seem to want to add sugar to everything! Someone wanted to give my DS jelly when he was 2mths old. Another has asked if I added sugar to his milk so he would drink it!

Saturday 18 August 04:31pm

ShellyC replied to topic mums in Narangba area!!

Hi Ladies, Wednesday is good for me too. Perhaps at Feekoo Meekoo because the weather has been a bit funny lately? I haven't been there but have been told good things about it.

Saturday 18 August 04:20pm

ShellyC replied to topic NOVEMBER 2005 TODDLERS????

Hi, My DS was born on the 2nd November at 2.56am and 4kg. Now we are thinking about #2 when it still feels like hardly any time has passed since DS was born! Going into the tantrum age fully now wh...

Sunday 12 August 05:50pm

ShellyC replied to topic mums in Narangba area!!

Hi, my name is Michelle, I am 27 and I have one DS Zach who is 21mths. We live in Burpengary so not far away at all. We are interested in making some new friends too. My email is shelly_bubba@hotma...

Sunday 12 August 05:30pm

ShellyC replied to topic He's gonna be an electrician??

He he my DS is the same! I think he is gonna work in IT or something cause he is obsessed with anything that has buttons and he can tell the difference if it works or not! His favourites are mobile...

Friday 27 July 08:29am

ShellyC replied to topic So sick of my weight

I am in the same situation! Height and weight to match too! I have just put DH and myself back on the old WW cause we know it works and we already have the books. Our bad time of the day was dinner...

Friday 27 July 08:05am

ShellyC replied to topic Northside Playtime

Hi Renee and Nicole, I have never been to this playcentre myself, I heard about it from here and my neighbour has told me that it is good for toddlers so I thought it might be a suitable place to ...

Friday 06 July 12:59pm

ShellyC started new topic This maybe a silly question but....

Hi Everyone, I am pretty sure it was a friend of mine who told me that you shouldn't start TT during winter. Does winter make it harder to train them or anything? By reading some of the other post...

Thursday 28 June 03:23pm

ShellyC replied to topic I know i am being silly

Posted by: Kazi You know the BIG positive out of this? She fells 100% secure about you so there is no need to get in a tiss about you - you are her rock. I think that is a wonderful way to look a...

Thursday 28 June 10:38am

ShellyC started new topic Northside Playtime

Hello, My name is Michelle (26yr), I have a DS (20mths) and I was wondering if anyone else on the Northside would be interested in forming a playtime group. (Unless there is one already?) My idea...

Thursday 28 June 09:09am

ShellyC replied to topic Help - other explanations please!!!!

It could be the pill you are on. I get the same things and apparently it has to do with the estrogen levels in the pill. I have decided to stop mine for a while just to make sure and because we are...

Sunday 27 May 07:36am

ShellyC replied to topic anyone feel the same?

Hi Ladies, I feel the same way also! I like the idea of getting out and meeting new people but actually doing it is what I find hard. My DS is 18mths and we are in Burpengary. If anyone does want ...

Wednesday 23 May 08:48am

ShellyC started new topic Confused about what is ok

Hello, I was just wanting some advice about what is ok to feed my 8mth old son. He is B/F and started solids at 6mths. I have been told/read no eggs or milk but there are so many products that co...

Wednesday 12 July 10:54am

ShellyC started new topic Northside Mums

Hello, I am a 26 year old first time Mum with a gorgeous son who is 7 months old. I was hoping to meet some other Mums around my area to chat to and/or meet with. We live in the Burpengary area. M...

Wednesday 14 June 10:48am
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