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mytribe13 started new topic Naming Day!

Hi everyone, Not sure if this would be the right forum topic to do this in but I havent been able to find what I was after. I am having a naming day for my son. I have the celebrant, ceremony, poe...

Tuesday 26 September 03:57pm

mytribe13 started new topic Jackson Robert David

I'd like to announce, better late then never, the safe arrival of my son, Jackson Robert David, weighing in at a whopping 10lb 6 1/2 oz on 12th April 2006 at 3.58am. After a massive blood loss on m...

Monday 19 June 03:17pm

mytribe13 started new topic Gifts ideas from baby to siblings

Hi, I am having my 5th baby and am stuck on ideas to give my other children, except my 4yr old (she's easy to buy for) from their brother/sister. My 3 eldest children though are 13, 11 and 9. My qu...

Tuesday 21 March 07:14pm

mytribe13 started new topic Placenta

Hi This may sound stupid but does the placenta have a heartbeat of its own? I had an anti natal checkup yesterday and there was 2 heartbeats but my scan only shows one baby. The doctor said that th...

Friday 17 February 12:26pm

mytribe13 started new topic Which surname to use?

My partner and I are expecting his 2nd baby but my 5th. He wasnt around for his 1st DD (long story) but i invited him back in when she was a couple of weeks old. I gave her my surname because he wa...

Sunday 20 November 02:02pm
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