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patandnatsmum replied to topic Age when you stopped breastfeeding?!

Hi Claire, I stopped feeding my first when he was 14.5 months old and that was because I became pregnant with my daughter (and the hormones in the milk seemed to upset my sons tummy). I am still fe...

Tuesday 13 September 11:34am

patandnatsmum replied to topic Any cool birthdates??

Hi, My son was born on the 01/02/03. I tried to push him out at 4.56am but (123456) he was breech (and I was exhausted) so that wasn't happening, instead he came into our world at 5.35am.

Tuesday 13 September 10:44am

patandnatsmum replied to topic losec and nappy rash

Hi, When my son was a year old he had really bad nappy rash, it was blistered, peeling and very angry looking, I tried every thing including canesten (in case it was a fungal thing) in the end a p...

Saturday 10 September 12:03pm

patandnatsmum replied to topic freckles!!!!

Hi, My son is 2.5 years and he also has the odd freckle here and there, most have only appeared in the last couple of months! Probably because of the cooler weather, and I haven't been as vigilant...

Saturday 10 September 11:55am
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