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Cas&Sophie replied to topic How bigs your 14 month old?

Hi My daughter at 14mths was 82cm and 11.8kg. She mainly wears size 2 clothes and big size 1 clothes. My husband and I are both tall.

Sunday 17 September 04:41pm

Cas&Sophie replied to topic coughs and colds

My daughter is 14.5 mths and goes to daycare two days a week. Ever since winter began she has been constantly ill - viral colds, gastro and middle ear infections. She has had antibiotics twice beca...

Tuesday 12 September 03:22pm

Cas&Sophie replied to topic Trying to cook/do dishes

Hi Katrina, I have a 14mth toddler who does the same. I normally give her a shoe box full of plastic bits from the plastics cupboard. She will sit there for quite awhile throwing them around the ti...

Saturday 09 September 05:53pm

Cas&Sophie replied to topic Washing hair without getting water in eyes! HELP!!

My 14mth didn't mind her hair being washed but now we seem to have the same problem as you. So I dampen her hair with a face washer then use a small amount of shampoo then I wipe as much soap out o...

Saturday 09 September 05:37pm

Cas&Sophie replied to topic Menu plan for 14 month old (Does this sound OK?)

Your menu sounds fine. I also have a 14mth girl who from day to day will sometimes be fussy. I read recently that when toddlers don't feel 100% they may not want to eat or may want only to eat the ...

Friday 08 September 07:52am

Cas&Sophie replied to topic Feeling guilty

I have been back at work since Mayand work 2 days a week. I'm glad to be back as I love my job as a teacher. My baby girl was 11mths when I put her into childcare. I spent 3 weeks transitioning her...

Friday 08 September 07:14am

Cas&Sophie replied to topic Did the baby bonus grant influence your decision to have a baby?

No it did not. We really wanted a baby and it took us 5 years to have our baby. When we started trying there was no such thing as a baby bonus. The bonus though was very helpful and I would not com...

Friday 08 September 07:01am
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