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feyth06 replied to topic poos

You might want to check with your doctor or community nurse about the symptoms and formula you're using. Does bub also have lots of wind? Could be getting an intolerence with the lactose but also c...

Sunday 26 August 09:22am

feyth06 replied to topic Early or overdue

DD1 was 12 days overdue when I got induced. Aweful experience so I was hoping to go naturally with the second. With DD2 I was booked in to be induced (5 days over) but she jumped the queue and dec...

Sunday 08 July 06:30pm

feyth06 replied to topic 2 very different births!!!

Congrats on the new bub! Sounds like we've had similar labours. DD1 was induced 12 days over. I vomitted twice during labour. Had epidural. She was delivered with vacuum and I had 3rd degree teari...

Sunday 08 July 09:28am

feyth06 replied to topic How to push?

What a rude doctor! Obviously a male. There is a technique though. If you do push at the wrong time and the wrong way you could also end up with blood shot eyes. The first time is always the har...

Friday 06 July 01:03pm

feyth06 replied to topic Dumb question...but do you wear pjs the whole time?

I noticed a few mums walking around in their pj's all day but like a previous post, I have a shower when I get up and dress for the day. Trackies, t-shirt, just comfy casual clothes. Just wore the ...

Thursday 05 July 07:14pm

feyth06 replied to topic stiches

Hi, Yes, I had an episiotomy with the first. Was stitching me up for half an hour. I was expecting tears with my second but never did. I think it was because I knew how and when to push this time a...

Thursday 05 July 07:12pm

feyth06 replied to topic 2nd Pregnancy not considering epidural

Hi, it can be done! Trust your body this time around. We had a similar first labour. DD1 was induced. I had an epidural at 5cm dialated and labour just dragged on... I ended up having vacuum extr...

Thursday 05 July 07:03pm

feyth06 replied to topic Big belly Big Baby???

No, I wouldn't go by the size of your belly, this could also mean you have a lot of amniotic fluid. I have a photo of myself and a friend towards the end of pregnancy, she was 1 month further tha...

Tuesday 26 June 07:36am

feyth06 replied to topic baby shower games?

Hi, I only had 3 games at my shower and it was the "guess the belly size" one and "don't say baby" game. I also had a quiz which would be more fun with the male guests included. You basically print...

Sunday 24 June 08:37pm

feyth06 replied to topic So sick of it.... GROW UP

I think I'm joining in on the conversation too late and have only read the last few replies... but anyway... (I'm overdue and bored)... I'm 34 (on paper, 25 mentally) and was at the bakery with my...

Sunday 24 June 03:39pm

feyth06 replied to topic anyone else sick of being pregnant

Well after losing a baby I said I would never complain of being pregnant. I got myself in this situation and would go through anything to have my baby. With DD I was 2 weeks overdue and could've pr...

Sunday 24 June 09:55am

feyth06 replied to topic help just found out my baby has down syndrome

Hi, I can't say that I can relate or give advice. I just read your post out to my DH and we are both sorry to hear what you are going through. Just wanted to say that I admire single mums like you ...

Saturday 23 June 09:48pm

feyth06 replied to topic Ok honest opinions! ... OTIS

Thanks Breesta, the more I think about it the more I'm disliking it. Can't believe I'm going overdue again!

Saturday 23 June 09:42pm

feyth06 replied to topic Ok honest opinions! ... OTIS

Thanks Ella78, I'm not 100% sure on it so must be a sign! just after something different. this naming game is so hard!

Saturday 23 June 04:08pm

feyth06 started new topic Ok honest opinions! ... OTIS

Hi, Bub is due today (having irregular contractions but now nothing) and I've just heard this name... Otis (pronounced OWE-TIS). I know it's probably old fashioned and not suitable for a newborn bu...

Saturday 23 June 02:38pm

feyth06 replied to topic Any other ideas to start labour????

Well it's tomorrow! The 22nd of June and I'm also due. Been having irregular contractions and now can't sleep. Just did a few squats and planning on going for a walk around the house this morning. ...

Friday 22 June 09:28pm

feyth06 replied to topic What do Braxton Hicks feel like?

Yep, braxton hicks is when your uterus tightens up. This can come with or without pain, usually without. I've also been getting the period like pains on one side and they said that bubs is moving i...

Friday 22 June 06:53pm

feyth06 replied to topic anyone know how to make your baby arrive earlier than due date?

With DD I tried everything to not be induced 12 days over. No matter what I did she wasn't going to budge because she was a big bub with a big head and wouldn't drop. You can try though, things lik...

Friday 22 June 06:49pm

feyth06 replied to topic Boys names

I love the name Lucas. Even if people shorten it to Luke, sounds fine too

Friday 22 June 06:45pm

feyth06 replied to topic HELP!!

Sophie is a beautiful name but very popular (didn't want to use the word common because it's far from that). From your list though I'd definitely choose Jorja Belle, what a gorgeous name! All the b...

Friday 22 June 06:42pm
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