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piker started new topic abnormal ultrasound - have you had this then had a healthy bub?

We had to go for a dating scan today to determine just how pregnant we really are and on the ultrasound bub's was looking fine, good heart beat etc....but the tummy had a dark area that was apprent...

Friday 21 July 11:22am

piker replied to topic boys names harder?

This is what I can think of at the moment and I am not sure if this is the kind of thing that you were thinking but here goes....... Harry Charlie Lewis/Louie Jacob Travis Sam Bailey Zane Casper F...

Monday 10 July 01:06pm

piker replied to topic please tell me what you think of this name

I think Daisy is the cutest and if Ruby wasnt so popular then that would get my second vote. Good luck with your decision, names are always so hard!

Monday 10 July 01:00pm

piker replied to topic what do people think of this name for a boy

I really like Ty but not a huge fan of Tyrone......If it was me and you know you are going to shorten it to Ty all the time then I would probably just name him Ty. But then I have a little boy who...

Monday 10 July 12:59pm

piker replied to topic My baby Girl!!!!!!!!!

I love Summer!! That gets my vote

Monday 10 July 12:55pm

piker started new topic pregnant and son exposed to hand,foot and mouth

I just wanted to find out if there are any risks involved if I am pregnant (would only be about 6 weeks) and my son has hand foot and mouth. I have searched on the internet and get some conflictin...

Thursday 29 June 06:07am

piker replied to topic Really bad Headaches?

what about acupunture?? Am pretty sure that you can have this while pregnant and it is a great way to get rid of headaches!! Might be worth a shot

Wednesday 28 June 05:48am

piker replied to topic Isla Phoenix

I would never have thought of this name but now that I have heard it I really like it!! great choice in my opinion! Somewhere in this thread I saw that someone mentioned Poppy Montgomery and Poppy ...

Thursday 15 June 06:43am

piker replied to topic waking wet

Hi My boy does this too - I think it is a combination of drinking lots of bath water(cant stop him) and then his bottle before he goes to bed. We use huggies and then I bought a cheaper brand in a...

Friday 09 June 06:29am

piker replied to topic Standing in cot

Hi,my bub does this too but I dont pick him up. I go in and tell him its time for bed and maybe give him a little kiss on the cheek and I leave.......sometimes it takes a while (45mins) but he doe...

Saturday 03 June 06:25am

piker replied to topic Morining Sickness,,Help!!

vegimite on toast/dry biscuits and crunchy apples worked a treat when I was feeling crappy. Apparently vegimite is good becuase of the vitamin B in it? I hope it gets better for you!

Saturday 03 June 06:19am

piker replied to topic Wet nappies

This happens to my bub at night too - so we use his normal size nappy and then I bought some bigger (and cheaper brand) ones to put on top of that to soak up any bits that escape and this has been ...

Thursday 01 June 04:17pm

piker replied to topic swimming lesson dilema

My bub goes to swimming lessons too and generally loves them, but we did initally have a few issues with lying on his back, so we just went a couple of times together(no lesson) and practiced just ...

Thursday 01 June 04:13pm

piker replied to topic What do your 12 month old's weigh?

Joe was 1 on the 17th May and he weighed 13.8kgs. He has always been a big baby and is tall too! 84cms.

Thursday 01 June 04:10pm

piker replied to topic advice on buying formula over seas

Hi - I recently returned from a trip to the UK and I took all of my own formula (Karicare gold) with me. My mother in law lives in UK so I had her check it all out before I went. She rang a coupl...

Thursday 04 May 01:27pm

piker replied to topic if the shoe fits wear it!!!

Hi Mimmy I too just bought myself a pair of boots for winter, actually I bought 2. All I own is a pair of slippers and 6 pairs of instead of feeling bad I rang my husband and said "H...

Tuesday 02 May 06:01am

piker started new topic flushed, bad taste, cold symptoms......

Could it be signs of pregnancy or is it that i am a hot and flushed, bad breathed woman with a cold? (he he) I cant rememeber what I was like with number 1 - I think I just "knew" I was pregnant...

Saturday 29 April 05:54am

piker replied to topic Does this sound funny???

I like it and think that it is great that your little girl is going to have a name with so much meaning! Go for it!

Sunday 16 April 04:53pm

piker replied to topic Middle name for Tye.........

My first thought was Tye Samuel Good luck!

Wednesday 05 April 06:12am

piker replied to topic 1st tooth

Hi Jacksonsmummy My son got his first tooth a 10 months too!! and now 2 weeks later he has 2 more I was so excited I rang my friends so I totally know what you mean Yay for both of you!!

Wednesday 05 April 06:07am
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