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MelV started new topic 3 kiddlies under 4, how do i occupy them all at once. HELP!!

I have 3 wonderful children, 5 in April, 3 in March and 1 in March. I am having a hard time occupying all 3 of them and doing my stuff around the house. i just wish i had more hours in the day. Any...

Monday 25 January 10:05pm

MelV replied to topic Is second baby bigger?

11 9. Wholey crap. My first was 10 14 and i thought that was big. OH my god, i hope that was a C section

Friday 12 September 06:34pm

MelV started new topic money money money

If you havent already worked out how to earn some extra cash. I thought id let you know. I do Family Day Care in my home. I have 2 boys of my own and 1 on the way. I earn more than i would ever ear...

Friday 12 September 06:27pm

MelV replied to topic march 2009

Hi girls. Im due 3rd April but have a planned C Section so my bub will be here in March also. This is my 3rd. I have a son Blake who will turn 4 in April and a son Charlie who will turn 2 in March....

Friday 12 September 06:19pm

MelV started new topic Charlie Veivers had arrived safe and sound.

Charlie Veivers is here. He arrived 14th March 07 at 12 noon by Ceserean. He weighed in at 9 pound2.5 and 56cm long. He is just beautiful

Monday 23 April 06:44pm

MelV replied to topic Squealing

hi Jestaa. I'm no expert but i have worked with kids for 5 years so i am happy to try and help. you canemail me if you like. [email protected].au but just quickly, you need to ignore the bad beha...

Tuesday 23 August 06:00pm

MelV replied to topic Any cool birthdates??

My buddah was 4/4/05 at 11:44 weighing 10.14. I think his lucky number is going to be 4?

Tuesday 23 August 05:51pm

MelV started new topic Anyone Born April 4th 2005 or there abouts

Am looking for any mums out there with a baby born April 4th or there abouts to share those little stories with about smiles and things your baby is starting to learn. I am a 24 year old first time...

Tuesday 09 August 08:27am

MelV started new topic BIG BABIES

Hi just interested in anyone who has big baby and how they feed. My baby was born at 10 pound 14. He is now 4 months old and weighs 8.8 kg he has 240ml every 4 hours and is on solids already.

Tuesday 02 August 05:22pm

MelV replied to topic neonatal unit babies

Hi there. My little man was born 4th April 2005 at a wopping 10 pound 14. He was delivered by emergency c section(15 hours later) as i was getting fevers and his heart rate was all over the shot. e...

Tuesday 02 August 05:05pm
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