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shola replied to topic Fussing with feeds!

Hi, I went thru exactly the same prob a few wks ago. DD was around 13-14wks, and bf. She would fuss at the breast. Cry when offered a feed; doens't want to know about it. I had to feed her while sh...

Thursday 27 July 10:05am

shola replied to topic when to start self settling?

Its harder to stop doing it when bub is older & he associates your arms/cuddles as sleeping aid. I was in the same situation too, and then I attended a sleep school where I learnt to put baby to sl...

Friday 23 June 03:45am

shola started new topic How to get her to take the bottle?

Hi there! My lil Stephanie is an exclusively breastfed baby. And I enjoy breastfeeding her. BUT... I would like to try to get her onto the bottle too so that DH can feed her and I can have a night ...

Wednesday 14 June 04:33am

shola replied to topic this baby is a puzzler!!

My girl started doing the exact same thing as your boy Sarah at 4 wks. She's now just over 5 wks & is still hard to settle, sometimes not sleeping thru the day. She's breastfed, and I'm trying to s...

Saturday 06 May 03:41am

shola replied to topic cries in the middle of there sleeps??

So does mine. I woke up a few times thinking she was hungry, but when I got to the cot, she was still sleeping.

Friday 05 May 09:35am

shola replied to topic My tummy hurts :(

Its probably Braxton Hicks. This helps you get ready for labour even though its still early. Its just stretching & stuff of muscles. Or bubs kicking. No remedy for this but at least you know that ...

Wednesday 03 May 09:34am

shola started new topic Middle name from Stephanie

Hi there We're still in the deciding process for a middle name for our wee Stephanie. Surname Symon. Can't seem to decide. Any ideas? A list that I came with was Adrina Mercedes Sasha Leanne Lee ...

Wednesday 03 May 06:39am

shola replied to topic Rice Cereal - Is 12 weeks too young?

I guess it depends whether or not DS shows signs that he wants solids, eg putting things in mouth, watching you eat with interest. And is he holding his head up himself. Each baby is different. I p...

Thursday 27 April 04:28am

shola started new topic Noisy, fidgety baby

Hi all! My girl is nearly 4wks old. In the recent wk, she has been very noisy & fidgety when sleeping. When asleep, all of a sudden she would start thrashing her arms & head around, kicking, and al...

Monday 24 April 05:08am

shola replied to topic what to do??

She's prob going thru a growth spurt. I've been told to watch out for it at around 4 wks. My Steph will be 4 wks next wk so I'm preparing myself for it.

Sunday 23 April 03:28pm

shola replied to topic What happens with the show?? Please help

Havent experienced this, but what you are describing does sound like the show, but it's weird that the doc said that its an infection. My water broke a few hrs after the show but I had quick but ...

Thursday 20 April 07:43am

shola replied to topic gestational diabetes delivery of bub

I had GD when I was preggers & had more than 2 high readings a wk. But I ended up going thru my pregnancy with just diet control & no insulin. They would do a scan at around 36 wks to see size of b...

Friday 14 April 03:30am

shola replied to topic how long after the show??

My waters broke a few hrs after I had the show. But each person is differnt. Sometimes you can get the show a week before your labour starts.

Wednesday 12 April 09:31am

shola replied to topic Can getting the flu hurt my baby?

Apparently you can lots of sinus problems in your last trimester. I've had problems with hayfever before I was preggers & in my last trimester, my nose was fully going for it that I jsut felt letha...

Friday 07 April 04:24am

shola started new topic How to tell if your breast is emptied?

How do you tell if baby has emptied out one of your breast before you go to the other breast? Is it if baby decides to just stop herself or is it when she just sucks but not swallowing? Thanks!

Thursday 06 April 01:47pm

shola replied to topic Ideas for healthy snacks and lunches

Hey I know how you feel about eating the same thing every day. I had gestational diabetes so had to have healthy snacks. Just for variety I did have the occasional splurge, eg chips or chocolates...

Thursday 06 April 04:34am

shola replied to topic Is it safe to have sex after you have the "show"

Sorry, unsure about that. If you have leakage I know it isn't safe as the membranes would have ruptured. I personally wont risk it. But that's just me. Good luck though!

Tuesday 28 March 07:15am

shola replied to topic Silly Question regarding posts

Under my profiles.

Friday 24 March 10:06am

shola replied to topic Sleep

Hehe... know how you feel. I think it gets worse too! Sorry.... not what you wanna hear.... But that's what I experienced anyway.... LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of pillows!!!!! Tat certainly helped me....

Thursday 23 March 03:28pm

shola replied to topic strech marks

Know how you feel. Am in same boat. Each person's different. Some lose the weight straight away while others take a few months. I'm giving myself til summer (being realistic here). Also the less we...

Thursday 23 March 03:23pm
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