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Tosca replied to topic Toddler slaps her own face

My daughter started biting herself, then coming to me for a cuddle crying. Sounds mean, but I decided to watch her very closely for a week. Then when she bit herself I would say Oh dear that must ...

Monday 28 November 12:33am

Tosca replied to topic getting out of car seat restraint

I think everyone has the same problem, including me. Phoned SafenSound, they told me - They could not tell me how to discipline my children, but that they considered this a discipline issue, not t...

Sunday 27 November 11:56pm

Tosca replied to topic plastic table & chairs

Saw some, have been looking myself, I want ones with thick legs. Bunnings have them, chairs less than $5 table about $15, available in a range of colours. Target, Kmart - Winnie the Pooh, Bob the B...

Sunday 27 November 11:46pm

Tosca replied to topic baba sling/carriers??!!

I used a cool sling from was great

Sunday 27 November 11:41pm

Tosca replied to topic Toddler Beds

I saw some cute ones in Toys R Us the other day. If he is into the Wiggles try their website. and try different searches on internet on australian website search hope this helps

Sunday 27 November 11:39pm

Tosca replied to topic 17mths wont wear shoes

My girls started off wearing walking booties, cordaruy covered booties with rubbery soles. after that they had to choose the shoes at the store (from my selection) since then they have been fairly...

Sunday 27 November 11:36pm

Tosca replied to topic toy kitchen

Hi My girls are now 2yrs 10nths and adore their play kitchen, bought it from Kmart its ply or maycinite (don't know how to spell) cost $129 last xmas on special. If thinking of plastic look closel...

Sunday 27 November 11:26pm

Tosca replied to topic Changing from Cot to Bed?????

I have been wondering about this one myself. I have two to get from a cot to their beds? Do you transfer cold turkey or gradually?

Sunday 27 November 11:14pm

Tosca replied to topic how do you love two?

Hi As soon as you see the new baby, you will understand. Your heart can just get bigger.

Sunday 27 November 11:10pm

Tosca replied to topic kids wont let parents talk

Hi May be its the age, my girls have started doing this to my husband and I. We started keeping a white board in the hallway. Our lists consist of what needs to be done and what we would like to d...

Sunday 27 November 11:08pm

Tosca replied to topic Ideal Age Gap

Hi my girls went through a stage from 2 to 2 and a half, when they discovered things were theirs ie: mine, mine, mine was the word for months, now at nearly three they have settle to knowing and t...

Sunday 27 November 11:02pm

Tosca replied to topic Toddler being naughty

Hi Melly I have girls who are 2 yr 10mths, one has been running me ragged. Tantrums, yelling etc. Started time outs with an alarm clock, helps alot. Taking her away from where she wants to be h...

Sunday 27 November 10:57pm

Tosca replied to topic 2 year old hits mum & dad

My girls mimic what they experience at playgroups or outings. Examples hitting across face, pushing into walls. They use to bite each others arms off! well it seemed like it at the time. When a be...

Sunday 27 November 10:44pm

Tosca started new topic Going from potty to big toilet only!

My girls have been potty training for some time and they also use the big toilet sometimes. But mostly use the potty. Would like to hear how others have done the jump to just the big toilet.

Sunday 27 November 10:35pm
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