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emily05 replied to topic Any May 2005 babies?

Hi there, My beautiful little princess Emily was born on the 23/05/05. She is our first child and our little angel. Would love to hear from you Kerry. My email address is [email protected] ...

Friday 02 September 12:40pm

emily05 replied to topic Mums with Babies who are really good sleepers?

Hi there, I have a 14 week old baby daughter Emily who has been sleeping right through the night since she was 3 weeks old. She sleeps from 10.15pm to 6 or 7am the next morning. If anyone wants t...

Thursday 01 September 04:08pm

emily05 replied to topic how often do they poo?

Hi there, Everything that you are experiencing is so normal. my 4 month old baby girl had poo problems and sometimes she wil go a week without doing anything. She was about the same age when this ...

Thursday 01 September 12:18pm

emily05 replied to topic 8 Week Immunisation

Hi Kirstie, My baby daughter Emily had her 8 week immunizations and what i did 40 mins before she had them I gave her a dose of Baby Panadol. The only side effects she had was a slight fever and a ...

Thursday 01 September 12:13pm

emily05 replied to topic Pooing Problems

Hi there, my little girl Emily who is nearly 4 months old had a lot of trouble with pooing. My advice to you is start giving him some boiled water at the right temp between feeds and you will soon...

Thursday 01 September 11:12am

emily05 replied to topic what does your baby wear to bed?

Hi there, My daughter Emily who is 4 months old goes to bed wearing a Bonds wondersuit and wrapped in a bunny rug. During the day if she is ready for a sleep I don't wrap her in anything, I just pu...

Thursday 01 September 11:06am

emily05 replied to topic anny babys born in May 05 :)

Hi Liz, my name is Nicole and my baby daughter Emily was born on the 23/05/05. She is now 14 weeks old. I would love to start chatting with you. Email me and we can start getting to know one anothe...

Thursday 01 September 08:05am
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