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[email protected] replied to topic What do you think?

hi how are you. there is a web address that may help you both on how to say the name i dont now if it will be on there but. hope this is a big help.

Sunday 24 April 10:26am

[email protected] started new topic anny one live in maryborough qld.

Hi there is there anny one that lives in maryborough qld. with kids that are 5,4,2 or anny young mums that may whent to meet new friends. I'm 23 years old have three girls and one due anny time now...

Saturday 23 April 05:47pm

[email protected] replied to topic Anyone sue in May 2005?

hi how is everyone going?. I may not make it to the 3rd of may as my midwife told me i may not get to see her at the antental clinc next week she told me that i may have bub anny time. good luck t...

Friday 22 April 06:03pm

[email protected] replied to topic Labour Music

Hi jodi. i now only have 2 weeks to go. my bub loves the song skater boy she starts moveing away and the other one is gansters parides. and that is what im going to play in labour i dont care what ...

Tuesday 19 April 10:07pm

[email protected] replied to topic Any1 due in may

hi every one how are we all?. will i now only have 2 weeks to go. I'm couning down the days. Time is going fast for all of us. goodluck to all the first time mums. keep .

Tuesday 19 April 09:58pm

[email protected] replied to topic Any1 due in may

hi missy-jc welcome to the group. my name is liz i have 3 girls ages 2,4,5. I'm 23. i'm due to have a little girl in 3rd of may , not long to go now. I'm going to have all the pain relief i can ge...

Thursday 14 April 10:18am

[email protected] replied to topic Raspberry Leaf Tea

Hi girls I have not drank the raspberry leaf tea but i have the rasberry leaf pills and i now that they do work because i have taken them will all my there pregnancys. And i'm due to have my bub in...

Wednesday 13 April 01:58pm

[email protected] replied to topic Anyone sue in May 2005?

Hi how are we all going and where is every one??. I have slowed down a lot now i have only got 3weeks to go now. Kayla now is the right place and she has well is moveing down a lot now. I now hav...

Tuesday 12 April 10:17am

[email protected] replied to topic Labour Music

Hi there Jodi. I'm going to have music when i'm in labour. It will be dance/techno becaeus that is what my baby here's and moves to and i dont like classical music yak. I only have 24 days to go....

Sunday 10 April 08:19pm

[email protected] replied to topic screaming 16tmh old plz help?

Hi emsmum I done the same thing and it all ways works with my little one. like your little one my 2 year old would fall asleep too.

Sunday 10 April 05:50pm

[email protected] replied to topic I Don't Know What To Do?

Hi manda I went throu it 12-18 mouths ago. I leaft my ex because he ways drinking every day. It got to the point where he ways telling me what to do and when to do things. I have three girls that i...

Sunday 10 April 05:38pm

[email protected] replied to topic When do you do the move- COT TO BED???


Saturday 09 April 08:28pm

[email protected] replied to topic Any1 due in may

Hi shannon how are you going and your bub?? Will you only have 23 days and i have only25 days. I bet you are counting down? I now i am counting down. Tack care every one

Saturday 09 April 07:15pm

[email protected] replied to topic When do you do the move- COT TO BED???

Hi Tracy. I know how you are felling my little one only 18 months when she whent in her bed. I done a big misstaeck with my 2 year old.She started sleeping in my bed when she did not whant to sle...

Friday 08 April 11:38pm

[email protected] started new topic anny one live in maryborough qld

Hi everyone, My name is liz. I live in maryborough qld.I'm 23 years old I'm looking for mums anny age how have kids ages 2,4,5 or younger. someone new chat to new friends for me and the kids. and m...

Wednesday 06 April 11:21am

[email protected] replied to topic 15 weeks to go

Hi how are you felling?. I olny have 4 weeks to go i'm now counting down 2 the day that Kayla will be here. I have bean cleaning like mad. Well you have decided to have a c-section. Is it because a...

Wednesday 06 April 11:00am

[email protected] replied to topic Any1 due in may

Yep i'm due may 3rd. This makes her taurus. This bub is number 4. I have 3 girls and i know is baby is a girl. please keep us up to daet on how you and bubs are.

Thursday 31 March 09:25pm

[email protected] replied to topic Anyone sue in May 2005?

Hi every one How are you all felling. I still have 34days to go and i'm counting down. I still have the all day sicknes and some times at night. My 5 year old whonts to meet her younges sister Kay...

Wednesday 30 March 07:15pm

[email protected] replied to topic Name for a baby Girl


Tuesday 29 March 07:31am

[email protected] replied to topic Name for a baby Girl

Hi Amanda How are you and bubs. Do you have an e-mail address. I dont remaber if i have you e-mail. I have bean for getting a lot of things for weeks now. If you dont mind me asking how old are yo...

Tuesday 29 March 06:11am
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