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mumzy replied to topic 3 YO kindy's NOR???

Waiting lists can get long so you might have to be patient......look around for privte ones like Montessori ones, or ring the local council coz they do have lists. Best too is local primary schools...

Monday 02 July 07:30pm

mumzy replied to topic Monthly Meet Up

WOW Toddler Town now does monthly BBQ - First Saturday of the month in the evening. Next one this Saturday the 7th July 5pm-8pm They need to confirm some numbers and get bookings so they kinda kn...

Monday 02 July 07:27pm

mumzy replied to topic Extra things to do with 23 month old son

Hi, I would highly reccomend going to your local library, especially when it's just the two of you for the moment. I dunno what area you are in but in the City of Stirling libraries they have story...

Wednesday 13 June 07:36am

mumzy replied to topic What 2do for her 1st B'day Party

Hi Kristin, We had that problem with our first bub, no space. We ended up doing two lots of B-Day parties each year, one with the relatives and one fun party with the kiddies. Exhausting but twice...

Thursday 07 June 06:26pm

mumzy replied to topic Monthly Meet Up

Hi All Sorry can't make it this meet. Silly me anyway to suggest the long weekend before, so everyone was busy too. Up for July though. I'm thinking maybe one of us could put up their hands and do...

Wednesday 06 June 08:44pm

mumzy replied to topic New Young Mum East of Perth

OMG. Hi Jill. I was 21 when I had my boy Cameron! HAHA He is 3 in August so that was awhile ago. Congratulations on your boy!! Very good name choice I say My email is will a...

Wednesday 06 June 10:52am

mumzy replied to topic Monthly Meet Up

Hi mummyk. You and Nicholas and daddy are welcome to come next meet. The more the merrier xx

Wednesday 16 May 07:47am

mumzy replied to topic Monthly Meet Up

Hi All! Sunday was great fun for the kids and relaxing for the parents to just sit and chat. Next meet will be Sunday the 3rd June I'm suggesting an arvo meet up like after 3pm. Any suggestions of...

Wednesday 09 May 12:25pm

mumzy started new topic Monthly Meet Up

Hi all. Just re-posting this for Annaleise. Another Monthly catch up again this Sunday the 6th of May. I'm in and Annaleise makes 2 so far. Daddies are also coming. Any other mummy's and daddy's a...

Saturday 05 May 06:11pm

mumzy replied to topic Best Mopping Detergent For Tiles

What ratio?

Wednesday 25 April 06:32pm

mumzy started new topic Best Mopping Detergent For Tiles

Hi guys, What's everyones best mopping detergent for tiles? Thanks xx

Wednesday 25 April 06:12pm

mumzy replied to topic Boy strangled by his own bike helmet

I heard this on a news update tonight. OMG our boy is almost 3 soon and we both looked at eachother and said what if that was our boy. YOu have to feel for the mum to find him. What a freaky accide...

Friday 06 April 09:39pm

mumzy replied to topic DD escaping from 5point saftey harness??

"Securap" Best Invention out there. Really it should be part of all restraints, makes so much sense. We got ours from the baby shop where they sell carseats and everything, like next to the sectio...

Friday 06 April 07:38pm

mumzy started new topic Anyone else going no chocolate at Easter?

Hi, I am being crazy? We are still doing the Easter hunt thing and all but minus the chocolate. We bought these cute plastic empty eggs from Toys R Us and Spotlight with Elmo and Pooh Bear and big ...

Friday 06 April 09:01am

mumzy replied to topic Need to Buy a High Chair- any recomendations??

Definately the Ikea one. After your first bub you relize all the silly money you spend on super dooper things that bub doesn't need. Especially when it comes to high chairs. The Ikea one if just pe...

Thursday 05 April 07:33pm

mumzy replied to topic 37 year old women pregnant to 15 year old

Hmm. I get the whole toy boy thing but a 37yr old with a 15yr old, not a good thing. If my son was with a 37yr plus having sex and got her pregnant, I think I would want to see her in jail. If it w...

Wednesday 04 April 11:43am

mumzy started new topic Baby Shower

Hi, I have so many questions on my mind today LOL thought I'd come and get some opinions. With my first two bubs I didn't have a baby shower. Now that we are thinking about number three I thought I...

Wednesday 04 April 11:33am

mumzy started new topic Birthday Party x 2

Hi, The last 2 yrs we have been doing 2 birthday party days. One with the kids(like from playgroup etc) and one with the family(like grandmas etc) just with the thought of too many people and the t...

Wednesday 04 April 11:17am

mumzy replied to topic Any mums with toddlers that speak another language?

Hi Petra, My background is Polish so we try to fit that into our kids lives too. I missed out after my grandmother (Babcia) died when I was a child and stopped learning. I don't want my kids to mis...

Friday 23 March 09:58am

mumzy started new topic SOOO Excited!

Hi All, I'm going crazy that I am so excited and no one here to share it with! My sister in law is finding out what they are having tomorrow!! Yeah!! I already have a cutie nephew so we are dying ...

Friday 23 February 09:27pm
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