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gem started new topic advise on pregancy after a miscarriage

hi, my sister n'law just found out she is pregant after having a miscarriage last year. Is there anything that she shouldn't be doing to help prevent her from having another one. I'm not sure like...

Thursday 05 July 02:49pm

gem started new topic 2nd degree tear

I had a 2nd degree tear from giving birth to my son, 6months ago. There was problems with healing, missing stitches. Now I have a scar inside that is giving me pains. I am having problems with t...

Wednesday 02 November 12:38pm

gem started new topic Problems after giving birth

I gave birth to my son at Liverpool Hospital. I had a bad experience. It is now 6months and I'm still having problems in the down stairs department. I would love to hear from anyone that also ha...

Tuesday 01 November 09:53pm

gem started new topic To everyone that replied to my sore legs

Thank you for replying to my question. It taken me so long to work out how to use this site. I'm still learning how to use it. I have been taken yogurt and milk. Also massaging my legs and it h...

Monday 28 February 04:24pm

gem started new topic Tight and sore legs

Can anyone help me, I'm 6months pregant and having very sore legs. Its very uncomfortable to sleep. It feels like the blood is not running to the legs. What can i do to stop it or help it.

Saturday 12 February 01:49pm
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