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good_bub replied to topic Cradle Cap????

hey my 9 week DS had just started gettin git... i dont think u can prevent it fully.. but u can help by rinsing there head in freash clean water.. (as most ppl put the stuff in the bath which stays...

Monday 12 March 07:15pm

good_bub started new topic Our new forum..

Hi guys heather and i have just made a forum.. its only just been started so few members.. but would appriciate it if u would join.. its its also for the daddies as well.. http://youngatheart.foru...

Sunday 04 March 07:01pm

good_bub replied to topic Anyone had more than 1 tear?

i tore with my first... took about a week my 2nd i also tore alot worse tho, as he was 9 pound 10 and my first was only 7 pound 11... the 2nd hurt for about 1 1/2 weeks real bad..but even now (7 we...

Sunday 25 February 05:49pm

good_bub started new topic 2 yr old wakes wanting in our bed

My DD was 2 back in november last yr.. and for about a yr now she has woken thro the night and wont go back to sleep in her bed.. and i strated chucking her in with me and DP and i now know it was ...

Wednesday 14 February 06:35am

good_bub started new topic netgear wireless router..

any one using one of these.. if so can u help me.. mine went on but it still plugged in and when i unplug it it dissconects to the net and dont know how to set it up on the laptop... its meant to b...

Saturday 10 February 08:25pm

good_bub started new topic bottle feed. and 3 weeks later still leak

I put my ds on bottle from a day old (due to problems with my DD) anyways... they filled up and went down after 2 days.. completely with in 4 days... but i have found when DS is crying pretty bad (...

Tuesday 30 January 12:56pm

good_bub started new topic how early for water

Hi even tho this is my second.. but my first was alot older when it got warm.. so was wondering how early can u give water.. as thro the day my DS ( 1 week old) keeps drinking half bottle here half...

Sunday 14 January 09:44am

good_bub started new topic wrapping in the heat..

My DS is 1 week old tomorrow.. and has to be wrapped to go to sleep.... just wondering in the heat what do other mums put on them.. mainly at night....... its only 26 degree here atm but i just hav...

Friday 12 January 06:08pm

good_bub started new topic My big boy

Lachlan William was born on the 5th january at 12:24am... weighing a big 9 pound 10 54cms long... 14 1/2 hours of labour... he is just wonderful and worth the wait

Thursday 11 January 07:23am

good_bub replied to topic arrival time predictor

yeah i had a feeling i was gonna go early coz my bub dropped at 30 weeks.. and im now 6 days over......... so i guess theres my answer... lol.. but love to do those test as well

Tuesday 02 January 05:03pm

good_bub started new topic The feeling....

Did any one have the feeling that something was gonna happen before they went into labour.... well im 5 days over and the last hour.. ive just felt like something is gonna happen.. i just feel so n...

Monday 01 January 11:49am

good_bub started new topic 3 days over due ARGGGGGGGGG

well im 3 days over due and so over it.... any one else over due???????????/

Saturday 30 December 06:26pm

good_bub started new topic induction while sick

i hopping for a induction thro the week... but ive just come down with a cold... will they induce u why ur sick or is there soem emdical reason why they cant??? hopefully its gone by then anyways

Monday 18 December 07:33am

good_bub replied to topic How fast was your labour?

hi my first was 6 and half hours.... hoping for around the same this time

Monday 18 December 07:31am

good_bub replied to topic Braxton Hicks grrrr

hi i am due boxing day so 11 days.. and for the last week ive been getting strong braxton hicks.. and i though yay something might come of them... but only to find after about 4-5 hours they go com...

Saturday 16 December 06:13pm

good_bub started new topic preeclampsia, toxemia

With my first i got toxemia and all this time i wondered waht the difference is between preeclampsia and toxemia.. and this is what i found What is difference between Preeclampsia, Toxemia, PET, ...

Wednesday 13 December 11:49am

good_bub replied to topic last few weeks??

hey funky mum.. im 38 weeks as well.. and ive been getting pains for the last few days.. but seem to die down when i go to bed... i see my doc tomorrow and hoping he will induce me before friday as...

Tuesday 12 December 04:01pm

good_bub replied to topic hemmoroids and suppositries

ive never had them.... this is my second preg and never got them with my first or with this one (38 weeks now)

Monday 11 December 10:46am

good_bub started new topic clary sage oil...

i wasjust looking up clary sage oil and come across this if any one is interested...

Friday 08 December 02:39pm

good_bub started new topic Bring on labour

hey all.. i have 3 weeks to go.. and im so over it (like every one at this stage) im not due til the 27th but my ob is going away on the 15th so ill have to hve the other ob in town (only 2 here) o...

Tuesday 05 December 11:28am
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