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BECJ replied to topic Should I or shouldnt I?

I got Caitlin's ears done when she was 4. I don't regret it for one minute. It was a surprise for her because I knew she wanted real earrings. What I would suggest, if possible for younger ones,...

Sunday 06 May 03:52pm


We used it occasionally with DD and DS1. It took up too much room in the boot of the car and if we were staying at a motel when travelling- they always had one we could use. We ended up just taki...

Sunday 06 May 03:43pm

BECJ replied to topic Paris Hilton gets sent to jail

Good to see that even all the money in the world won't keep you out of prison. I doubt she will be in a mainstream prison, probably something like where Martha Stewart went to - where it's more li...

Sunday 06 May 03:37pm

BECJ replied to topic BYE BYE DUMMY!!

I am liking the Dummy Fairy idea. We've tried the cold turkey with Jack (2y 7m) but he won't have any of it. We ended up with sleepless nights as Jack screamed the whole house awake. We had the t...

Sunday 06 May 03:25pm

BECJ replied to topic 16 month not walking

My first and second children didn't start walking until 14 months. My youngest is 15 months next week and he's only starting to take a few aided steps. I was worried with number one, as everyone ...

Sunday 06 May 03:15pm

BECJ replied to topic Discipline at 1?

We've learnt that with our little one (14 months) picking him up and moving him away just means he's more determined to crawl back to the same place and carry one. He's another one that will laugh...

Saturday 28 April 04:30pm

BECJ replied to topic Petrol Stations and Bubs, what do you do?

I fill up at a self service petrol pump at our supermarket. It means I'm always right next to the car so they can see me through the window. I will admit, that I've popped into the dairy to get m...

Tuesday 24 April 04:59pm

BECJ replied to topic please pray for my baby

Hi Cassie My youngest was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was about 11 weeks old. The cancer originating in his liver at the time took up most of his abdomen and had spread to most of his bo...

Tuesday 24 April 04:42pm

BECJ replied to topic Best thing/memory of your labour

I agree with Kath that final push as the rest of the body comes out is great, because you know you've done it. But I would have to say the best part is when everyone leaves just you and baby alone...

Tuesday 24 April 03:54pm

BECJ replied to topic How Much Day Care

My daughter went in to fulltime childcare when she was 6 weeks old, my son when he was 3 months old. I'll admit I did feel really bad about it, but now I look at my children, I wouldn't have it an...

Wednesday 11 May 03:55pm

BECJ replied to topic How much wake time in the day?

My son is just over 7 months and he's still doing the 2 - 3 hours awake, 2 hours asleep - and he sleeps around 11 hours straight through at night. He's averaging around 17 hours sleep a day. I kn...

Wednesday 11 May 03:41pm

BECJ replied to topic Big Babies

Not speaking personally, my two were 7lbs 4oz and 8lbs respectively, but my sister in law. Her first child was 11lbs 4oz and my neice was a quick developer. However, because she was a 'big' baby,...

Wednesday 11 May 03:30pm

BECJ replied to topic Any October 2004 babies??

Hey all Well now our babies are starting to hit 7 months. Jack turned 7 months yesterday. I went and bought him a 'sleeping bag' outfit today, got a size 0 (for 9 - 12 month olds). Tried it on ...

Tuesday 03 May 04:47pm

BECJ replied to topic anyone still feeling lost - when baby is 7 months?

I've learnt - don't have "high matainence" friends if you have a young family. They get all iffy if you can't drop everything for them, and they certainly don't understand that you can't spend lot...

Monday 25 April 05:32pm

BECJ replied to topic Toddler phobias ???

My daughter is going through the phobia stage as well. It was the monster in the bedroom thing, but we dealt with that by getting her used to the idea that the monster was her friend. A few month...

Monday 25 April 05:02pm

BECJ replied to topic What do you hate most about being a mummy or daddy?

It breaks my heart when My child/ren is in pain and I can't just kiss it better. I just want to take the pain on myself so I can see them smiling and happy again. I don't wrap my children in cot...

Monday 25 April 04:10pm

BECJ replied to topic Jaida's stepbrother .......

Whoa, welcome to my world a couple of years ago. My stepdaughter wouldn't listen to me, played me and her father off against each other. She even told me last year that she wished it was still ju...

Sunday 24 April 05:22am

BECJ replied to topic Biting

I was discussing biting with the supervisor at my children's childcare centre a while back. She said they mainly do it out of frustration - not out of wanting to hurt another person. Have you loo...

Sunday 24 April 05:08am

BECJ replied to topic rusks & fingerfood

Hi Denise I think you are right about the choaking issue. As long as it is wholemeal bread you should be fine. Babes will probably enjoying the nicer taste of wholemeal bread anyway!

Sunday 24 April 05:01am

BECJ replied to topic not crawling

I really would not worry! My daughter who was a perfectly health happy baby did not start crawling until 11 months and then didn't start walking until she was nearly 14 months. She was busy wor...

Sunday 24 April 04:55am
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