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*renee* started new topic Cessnock

Hi everyone! There has been a few posts here about cessnock mummies but they are all so old so i thought best to start a new one lol. Is there anyone from cessnock or surrounding areas here? Would ...

Thursday 01 March 10:42am

*renee* replied to topic 1 YEAR OLD BEING NAUGHTY

hi Hayley, not too sure if i am going to be much help but i think just keep persisting with it. She will understand the meaning of the word eventually My daughter is now 2 and does the same thing...

Wednesday 27 September 07:19am

*renee* started new topic carseats

hi my 2 year old is constantly taking her arms out of the seat belt on her car seat. I have tried tightening the straps but somehow she still manages to do this. Has anyone had this problem? i just...

Saturday 23 September 06:04am

*renee* started new topic what do you think?

hi i am currently on day 31 of a 28 day cycle, and have been getting BFN of the home pregnancy tests on days 28 and 29 i had spotting but thats it, i still have cramping aswell. has anyone else e...

Monday 30 January 04:53pm

*renee* replied to topic One year old scared of shoes

hi my daughter is 16 months and has taken her first steps a few months ago but is scared of her shoes also, but i was told to try her with socks on underneath, even with the sandals and it worked,...

Wednesday 04 January 11:38am

*renee* started new topic TTC # 2 YAY

hi everyone, me and my partner have decided now is time to start trying for our 2nd little piece of heaven!! our daughter is just about to turn 16 months and im hoping it wil happen as quickly as...

Wednesday 04 January 11:29am

*renee* started new topic only wants bottle

hi, i have a 13 month old girl who will only have her bottle and no solid foods. I have tried every food out there, she loves her yoghurts and vegies but wont even have them any more. All i can r...

Tuesday 11 October 10:16am

*renee* replied to topic not drinking milk

hi.. the only thing i can think of is maybe you can a flavouring for it, like chocolate. but im sure you've already tried it. sorry im not much help.

Monday 03 October 07:21am

*renee* replied to topic Proud Mama of 13 month old

hi ... wow! she sounds sooo smart!..its amazing how quickly they grow and learn. I still can't get over my daughter as to how big she is getting and shes learning so many new things every day..i l...

Thursday 01 September 04:01pm

*renee* started new topic 12 month olds diet

hi.. i am just wanting to know what 12 month old children should be eating on a daily basis. thanks -renee

Tuesday 30 August 11:22am

*renee* started new topic young mums in the gosford area

hi everyone... my name is renee, i am 21 with an 11 month old and my partner are moving to the central coast in around november and as we don't know anyone there, i would love to get...

Tuesday 16 August 09:46am

*renee* replied to topic distructive child at 5 1/2months

hi... i dont know if i can really help you...but i really think its just a stage hes going through..hes most likely teething which explains him wanting to chew on everything... my daughter is nea...

Sunday 31 July 08:25am

*renee* started new topic playgroups in wollongong area

hi my name is renee, im 21 and i have a 10 month old daughter and i live in the wollongong area but i really want to join a playgroup. if any one know of any good ones this way please let me know.....

Friday 29 July 10:15am

*renee* started new topic september 04 bubs

hi just seeing what everyones little angels are up to now....

Saturday 23 July 07:51am

*renee* started new topic central coast hospitals

hi everyone... me and my partner are moving up to the central coast in oct/nov and we are planning on having another child. but i think there is supposed to be a few hospitals there so i wanted t...

Saturday 23 July 06:34am

*renee* started new topic second child?

just a quick question wanting to know how old your child was when you had a second child?

Tuesday 19 July 11:46am

*renee* replied to topic need to meet people

hi Mandy im Renee nearly 21. i live in wollongong i have a 10 month old daughter..if you want to add me to msn or email me its chat soon!

Tuesday 19 July 11:30am

*renee* replied to topic awake all day - going out of my mind

oops..wrote that

Tuesday 12 July 06:39am

*renee* replied to topic awake all day - going out of my mind

hi what i do with my daughter is take her for a drive whether it be in the middle of the night or not. wait till; she goes to sleep and uickly put her in bed and she sleeps the rest of the night,...

Tuesday 12 July 06:38am

*renee* replied to topic awake all day - going out of my mind

hi..what i do with my daughter even though shes 10 months now, but when she teethes she will scream for hours and won't go to sleep so i just take her for a drive (sometimes in the middle of the ni...

Tuesday 12 July 06:34am
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