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Hi Girls... I havn't been on here in soooo long...and I prob havn't realy spoken to any of you before...except Dee ( on MSN ) .. But I have arranged a BUBHUB Girls meetup at the river Torrens for ...

Tuesday 17 October 06:30pm

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Saturday 18 February 08:15pm

CRB25 started new topic Night time nappy change????

Amelia's waking for a 3am feed, During the day I normally feed, play (including nappy change and then feed again to settle, put her down to sleep, sometimes with dummy (only if she grizzles) then...

Thursday 16 February 09:15pm

CRB25 replied to topic January 2006 Babies

My First Baby, Amelia Rose 12 days late Born 9pm 16th jan 2006 3.175kg, 7pound 50cm long Has already put on 1.7 pound, grown 3.5cm in length, eats like a little piggy!!!

Thursday 16 February 09:01pm

CRB25 started new topic Baby Sling

Has anyone come across a good baby sling? The one that does up with rings not, buckle

Wednesday 08 February 02:44pm

CRB25 started new topic Nappy Bags

I am Finding it very hard to track down a Nappy Bag that I like, have found heaps on USA sites but they don't deliver here!!! I only hav 6 weeks to go, I need a Bag!!! Can anyone suggest a Bag th...

Thursday 24 November 08:22am
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