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eggmum replied to topic Eli- How do you pronounce it?

E-LYE is how I would say it! I'm often correcting people when it comes to names (my last name is Gageler... Ga-gel-er, but people always want to put extra letters in there somewhere)!. It can get q...

Thursday 16 March 06:55pm

eggmum replied to topic What do you all think of Malachi for a boy?

!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the name I wanted for #2, but hubby wasn't as keen tho (Braxton Kye is what was chosen). Go for it I say. It's such a beautiful name! E...

Thursday 16 March 06:40pm

eggmum replied to topic *^ AnY GoRgEoUs NaMeS YoU WaNT 2 ShArE WiTh Me!!!!!!!!!!! ^*

Hi Sarah, It's all so exciting isn't it. My eldest is about to turn 4, and it only feels like yesterday that I was choosing his name!!! It's Isaac (Meaning - He who laughs - biblical...

Sunday 12 March 07:02am

eggmum replied to topic middle name

Jorja Madison. It's sweet with a classy air - That's what we picked for a middle name if we were to have a girl Have fun choosing!

Sunday 12 March 06:47am

eggmum started new topic HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hubby loves the name Marlin, but I can't think of a middle name to go with it. My baby's due in less than 3 weeks. Please help xxx

Sunday 12 March 06:43am

eggmum started new topic Run out of boy names!!!!!

Can any1 suggest boy names that fit with last name Gageler (Ga-ge-ler)??? Already have two boys Isaac Shane and Braxton Kye. We aren't interested in traditional names (eg, John, Tom, Peter). If u ...

Friday 23 September 01:52pm

eggmum started new topic bad reactions for # 3

Hi everyone. I'm 23 yrs old. I'm married with two boys, Isaac 3yrs and Braxton 8 1/2mths. We've just discovered that number 3 is on the way. Im 13 weeks now and have just gotten over the morning si...

Friday 23 September 01:44pm

eggmum replied to topic From fabulous to constipated

hi, I know this might sound gross, but my 3yr stopped doing poos a while ago and we couldnt figure it out. Then when I went to take him after a few days of not pooing, the water splashed him wh...

Thursday 07 July 04:50pm

eggmum replied to topic night time toilet training

Hi! I'm really worried about my son Isaac who is 3. He has been toilet trained since 23 months, but when our 2nd was born 6 months ago, Isaac hasn't gone through 1 night without being wet. After a ...

Thursday 07 July 04:39pm

eggmum replied to topic Boys name 'Braxton'????

Well ladies hubby named our son... Braxton Kye!!!! I couldn't believe it. The midwife asked what we'd like to name him and hubby said it straight away. I just looked at him and he smiled telling me...

Friday 14 January 02:35pm

eggmum started new topic He came early!!

Thanx to everyone who helped me out during my pregnancy with all of your wonderful advice. On 4-1-05 I had Braxton Kye who weighed 8lb, was 51cm, HC 34cm, and is adorable! I had a 5 1/2hr labour (...

Friday 14 January 02:25pm

eggmum replied to topic Sex during Pregnancy

Hello - Don't think you're weird!!!! I'm 10 days off due date and for the last 9 months all i've wanted to do is have sex with my hubby. Poor guy is always being harrassed. I think all women have s...

Friday 31 December 07:05pm

eggmum replied to topic Last Name Dilemma

Hi Anjel My sons birth father died when I was 5 months preg and I decided not to use his last name. (I found out later that he couldn't be on the certificate anyway unless i had my baby take a dna ...

Friday 31 December 06:47pm

eggmum replied to topic My Birth Story

hey Emilia I'm still going - 10 days left!!!! I'm starting to get very nervous about labour. Strange feeling seeing as this is no.2! Oh well, we'll just have to see, and hope it all goes well. Bye ...

Friday 31 December 06:27pm

eggmum replied to topic Mum ... Dad ...... ??

can't stop giggling over this too. For ages Isaac kept calling daddy by first name and I couldn't understand why hubby got so upset until just a few weeks ago when he called me "Memma". (My younger...

Monday 27 December 04:07pm

eggmum replied to topic The nursery/baby's room

Hi pml - We started off with wall stickers, but it was too much. With Isaac i found with all of the bright toys and accessories (bedding and nappy stacker etc) the room was bright enough with plain...

Monday 27 December 03:50pm

eggmum replied to topic Mum isn't happy 4 us!! :(

Thats cool. Its great to know that bad situations do have a bright side. You just have to find them! You'll get there, and hopefully your mum will too. I'm slowly finding out what it's like to be a...

Monday 27 December 03:36pm

eggmum replied to topic 1st Time Dad's

a boy hey, me too! We've got a debate over Braxton and Baiden at the moment and have 2 weeks to go. Putting them both together sounds horrid, so one of them has to go and we've decided Kye as middl...

Monday 27 December 03:24pm

eggmum replied to topic Unusual boy & girl Aboriginal names

The Baby Name Network this site has many aboriginal names with the meanings listed next to the name. Have fun xxx

Thursday 23 December 03:26pm

eggmum replied to topic hubby wants to name after birth...

thanx for your stories. As the date is only 2 1/2 weeks away i'm relaxing more and just being excited that he'll b here soon. We'll decide when we do. That's about it at the moment. Em

Thursday 23 December 03:21pm
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