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bandaid started new topic Anyone from Victor Harbor??

Just curios? I lived there for 15 years of my 25 year old life. but only 6 years here in adelaide. I d love to know if anybody else is from victor..or even other small country towns to see how you ...

Wednesday 03 January 06:20am

bandaid started new topic Dads groups in north??

Does anybody know of any or where I can get information for hubby? Im pregnant with #2 and hubby has alot of trouble handling our 2 year old . I told him there are dads groups that is just dads and...

Tuesday 05 December 10:04pm

bandaid started new topic huggies car tent

Anybody want mine? Bayden doesnt like it (hes just not into tents) Im in North adelaide

Wednesday 01 November 04:57pm

bandaid started new topic any help for mums of toddlers??

ok so we got baby groups etc...what baout toddler depression? im on holidays at a family party and after 1 week of seeing my son (19mnth) do everything for everyone else but me...i lost it. i lost ...

Saturday 30 September 06:05pm

bandaid replied to topic coughing constanlty.. not asthma

Bayden has "Bronchialitis" and as i have asthma and we have dogs, he just developed it. Look it up it will probally describe the symptoms your baby has. Baydens had it ever since about 11 mnths and...

Friday 08 September 08:24am

bandaid started new topic xr6 for sale

were seling our beloved car. if anybody is interested its in the advertiser for 5 days and also online at its a great family car and we will take $18,000 for it. were in desperat...

Thursday 07 September 12:18pm

bandaid replied to topic tantrums- need advice

baydens been doing these since about 12 months and hes so funny. when ever he doesnt get his own way or i take somethin off him or say "no" he will throw himsklef on the floor and start rolling aro...

Sunday 06 August 11:38am

bandaid replied to topic Biting baby

Bayden started doing this at about 14months old. I wouldnt have him biting and a friend of mine told me that her son just kept biting until he was so old... Well im kind of one for disipline so i s...

Friday 04 August 02:45pm

bandaid started new topic Asthma

Has anybodys baby been diagnosed with asthma? Bayden had been getting bronchialitis since about 3 months old so as soon as he hit 12 mnths, they put him on ventalin. NOw....again hes having trouble...

Monday 26 June 06:10am

bandaid replied to topic Transition from Cot to Bed

im wanting to move my 15mnth old to a bed i need some help aswell im going to buy him a toddler bed so it isnt far for him to fall haha then move up to a big bed

Friday 02 June 10:26am

bandaid replied to topic Anyone from around Gawler way!

I live near Paralowie but I go to gawler alot. I too am about 35mins drive(i go up the back way heaslip rd). M y MIL lives at Cockatoo Valley and I have a g/f at lewiston. It would be nice to meet ...

Sunday 07 May 08:05am

bandaid replied to topic hates, hates, hates the car & screams inconsolably

Ive read everyones post so far and I dont ahve this probelm..nut it could be STATIC!! U can get those static things u hang from the bottom of your car that touch the road. I dont know what static i...

Tuesday 18 April 07:06pm

bandaid replied to topic ways to keep 17 mth old in bed...

I dont know casue i havnt got to that stage yet, but id shut the door and put a very slight light on. I close baydens door, always have but i leave the hallway light on its enough light to shine un...

Tuesday 04 April 03:13am

bandaid replied to topic Ten Pin Bowling Baby

my DP peter likes paintball and he has a mini clip on the puter. Bayden sings and dances and eats all his tea and go nuts when pete puts it in. he uses it as a bribe now haha. makes bayden eat whil...

Saturday 18 March 09:43am

bandaid started new topic baby sprained his ankle...

hes only 12mnth old but somhow majorly sprained his ankle...even a hairline fracture. We cant do anythign but let it heal on its own which shouldnt take long but just wondering if anybody elses bab...

Saturday 18 February 08:36am

bandaid replied to topic crawling and floorboards!

I have tiles. They are hard..shiny and bayden crawls just fine. The knee "caps" will get hard anyway and possibly even bleed (DP did when he was a baby) I was told by a fwe ppl that the knee pads c...

Thursday 09 February 06:50am

bandaid replied to topic adelaide mums

not norwood but yeah adelaide. feel free to msn/email me at [email protected]

Wednesday 25 January 09:14pm

bandaid started new topic bottle with bed?

bayden is 10mnth old and he wont go to sleep without a btl. its mainly at night but also sometimes with his naps. hes also began waking for btl all night although tonite im going to try water. any ...

Wednesday 04 January 07:05am

bandaid replied to topic SOMEONE said......

wow thats grouse where did u get it from? lol....

Monday 26 December 04:18am

bandaid replied to topic 5 weeks of runny nappies and a cough

OMG bayden has had a cough since 5 months old (hes now 9 1/2. It hasnt gone anywhere and all the doctors say "its just a cough it will go away" I know everyone says otherwise but im still putting i...

Saturday 10 December 05:22am
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