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Tamz replied to topic Any Mums wanna Chat?

Hey my msn iis i have a 2 yr old and live in brisbane

Monday 08 October 12:05pm

Tamz replied to topic MSN

Hi im tamara from ipswich and msn is

Tuesday 11 September 01:30pm

Tamz replied to topic ipswich area

Hey there jas thats sounds great wat park were u thinking of... Yeay there hasnt been a thread on ipswich in a while.

Monday 13 August 12:17pm

Tamz replied to topic Mum of 2 girls new to Ipswich area

hey girls im also form ipswich with a near 2 year old. That would be good to do a meet sometime.. Where do u's recommend

Sunday 08 July 07:53pm

Tamz replied to topic Anyone from IPSWICH

Hey girls... Alicia wat kindergym do u go to we go to pcyc

Friday 22 June 06:15pm

Tamz replied to topic young ipswich mums/ mums to be

Hey there jen wat part of ipswich do u live in I have a baby boy whos 9 mnths..... Tamaraa

Friday 23 June 03:42pm

Tamz started new topic ipswich mums where r u all..

Hey just checking on the ipswich mums and wondering if we all wanna catch up maybe at a park or shopping centre somewhere local for all...

Sunday 21 May 02:30pm

Tamz replied to topic babies Born August 2005

Hello 2 all mums, Hope u's dont mind if i join in finally i got thru reading them all, Hope everyone had a good easter (not 2 much chockie)lol. My boy is trying 2 walk already wants 2 jus go 4 it ...

Tuesday 18 April 01:21pm

Tamz replied to topic ipswich mum want to meet (was also in bub hub)

Hey there yeah that should b good.There is a few of us. Wen would u b organising it 4.

Wednesday 12 April 04:05pm

Tamz replied to topic Is Heinz followon formula okay?

Hey there My boy is 7/12 mnths an i have recently switched over from S26 because he would not drink his milk an i think he is doing really wellso far. Hes been on it 4 bout 3 wks.

Wednesday 12 April 04:00pm

Tamz replied to topic The Australian Baby Whisperer on Sunrise this morning

Hey i saw her. It sounds like a miracle, my boy is jus ova 7 mnths and hasnt slept thru yet so will check it out thanks

Wednesday 05 April 01:09pm

Tamz replied to topic mums in ipswich

Hey my bub is only 7 1/2 mnths but live in ippy. Wat part do u live in. I am also 24...

Wednesday 05 April 08:14am

Tamz replied to topic West Side Mum's

Hi angela im from ipswich an have a 5 1/2 mnth old boy an would love 2 chat an do a meet sometime

Thursday 09 February 10:14am

Tamz started new topic How r the Aug babies doing an wat stages r we at

Hey jus wondering if bubs r rolling and stuff like that, wat they weigh an any teeth ect. Maybe we can all compare how they r doing. My baby boy wants 2 jus get up an walk now, he rolls everywhere...

Friday 27 January 11:59am

Tamz started new topic brissy mums day out...

Hey was thinking if mums an bubs wanna catch up an meet b 4 xmas say at indro if interested an not 2 busy. Name a day that would suit everyone......

Monday 05 December 07:03pm

Tamz replied to topic Help my baby cries because he's constipated

hey there my boy is 3 mnths an i 1st started him on the same stuff and had the same problem he was in so much pain so i put him on S26 infant an give him brown sugar 1ce a day an try 2 get him drin...

Sunday 20 November 06:23pm

Tamz started new topic August 2005 babies....

Hey just wondering if there were many babies born that month this year...

Sunday 20 November 04:28pm

Tamz started new topic Other mums 2 chat with...

hey jus checking if any mums wanna have a chat bout nothing in general.... 1st time mum looking 4 a bit of a laugh or 2 talk bout anything......

Friday 18 November 09:56pm

Tamz replied to topic My young aussie mums MSN site!

hey there sounds good even though u not finished will check it out hey../.

Friday 18 November 09:36pm

Tamz replied to topic Any young mothers in brisbane?

hey my name is tamara an i live in churchill have a little boy who is 3 mnths. have u had many replys from mothers round address is

Thursday 17 November 07:27pm
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