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Missy76usa replied to topic child care

My 2yo has been in child care 3 days a week for about a year now. I did the child care search and found that as soon as you walk into a place you can get a fee for it. I too recommend community run...

Tuesday 18 December 09:26pm

Missy76usa replied to topic 2 Y.O Party

Definatley a park. I had my DD 2nd b'day at a great park with great shady trees. We had it at 10.30am. We did the typical kid party food, fairy bread, sandwiches, chips and lollies but we also did ...

Tuesday 18 December 09:19pm

Missy76usa replied to topic 2yr olds and sport

Definately swimming. My 2 year old has been going to swimming lessons since she was 6mths old. It's really great for them and (most of the time) they love it. Missy

Tuesday 18 December 09:13pm

Missy76usa replied to topic Travel Sickness

Does your 2yr old read in the car?? If so maybe take the books away. Try a Wiggles or similar cd and maybe do sing alongs. Try to get them to spot different things around the place, like.... can yo...

Tuesday 18 December 09:08pm

Missy76usa replied to topic This is for everyone who is thinking of putting the children in a boosters

I have looked into this before. I have a 2 and half year old and I am looking into boosters, my friend has just bought a convertible booster seat that still has the 5 point harness. She loves it an...

Tuesday 18 December 08:55pm

Missy76usa replied to topic ADVICE I know its early but I start to plan now

what about a bike?? training wheels and a basket and tassles. I dont know if you have one or not already. A toy laptop might keep her away from yours but maybe also a active toy as well, something ...

Wednesday 25 April 07:21pm

Missy76usa replied to topic what hi-chair to purchase cheapy or all the bells & whistles?

I got a cheapy basic high chair I think it was about $50 from Toys r Us. Before I got it I asked the same question on this site and a lot of people told me that they had the "bells and whistles" on...

Wednesday 25 April 07:15pm

Missy76usa replied to topic Raspberry Leaf Tablets

I started drinking raspberry leaf tea about 32weeks. I was told that it helps to soften the uterus thereby making labor easier. What truth that holds I can't say. I can say that labor was no walk i...

Wednesday 25 April 06:58pm

Missy76usa replied to topic How could he leave his children?

I share your disbelief in how someone can just move on and leaving their children behind. My ex lives in the US. One day he just stopped calling. There was no breaking it off with me and in the las...

Wednesday 25 April 06:47pm

Missy76usa replied to topic Help Hungary baby Soldis?. 9 weeks old

2 hourly feeds are pretty normal from what I know. I was told that so long as bubs is putting on weight then they are getting enough and as they go through growth sperts then they will eat more oft...

Wednesday 25 April 06:37pm

Missy76usa replied to topic 1st birthday, no party games am i being selfish

Well i'm not going to tell you what to do or anything, its completely up to you. This is what I did for my lil girls 1st Birthday. We had about 5 other babies ranging from 3mths to 14mths. Then we...

Wednesday 25 April 06:19pm

Missy76usa replied to topic ALL PARENTS NEED TO SEE THIS

OH that was heart breaking!!! I was just thinking the other day at what age should they be moved to booster seats. I know now we will be using one for as long as possible. I went to Kyles web sit...

Saturday 03 March 09:36pm

Missy76usa replied to topic OPINIONS NEEDED- Is this Fair???

This is a tough one. I guess if they are really close friends the poliet thing to do would be ask them. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you be upset if you werent asked. Then on the other hand w...

Saturday 03 March 09:44am

Missy76usa replied to topic How do you administer mylanta??

I dont know if there is really any way to hide the flavour of that stuff. I take it regularly and just cant get use to the taste. I would say the dropper is the best way. Remember the taste buds ar...

Wednesday 14 June 08:36pm

Missy76usa replied to topic food

Shannon will be 9mths next week (where does time go) She eats just about anything...hehehe Breaky she has weetbix and a slice of toast, Snacks are fruit or veg sticks, Toast fingers, arrawroot, Pot...

Friday 28 April 08:38pm

Missy76usa replied to topic brushing new teeth

I started brushing shannons teeth as soon as the first one appeared. Grab a baby toothbrush with a soft head, and baby or kids toothpaste as adult toothpaste is a bit harsh. We get into a routi...

Friday 28 April 08:28pm

Missy76usa replied to topic Questions galore.. please answer any that you can..

Ok this is my experience. *Weetbix - we have been giving Shannon weetbix for about 3mths now (she will be 9mths next week) I mix it with a bit of hot water and formula with a bit of brown sugar. W...

Friday 28 April 07:22pm

Missy76usa replied to topic Any cool birthdates??

Mine was not the date that was significant but the time of birth. Shannon was born at 4:51pm. I am a public servant and that is quiting time......hehehe Missy

Saturday 22 April 09:54pm

Missy76usa replied to topic Baby Suri

I think its stupid. They put little research into the name because in Japanses the name means pickpocket.... I mean WHAT THE....... What is it with celebs and naming their children weird names. I...

Saturday 22 April 08:49pm

Missy76usa replied to topic snoring

LOL its funny isnt it. Shannon doesn't full on snore but she has really heavy breathing. I hope she doesnt turn into a marathon snorer like her daddy, because everyone knows mummies dont snore righ...

Sunday 16 April 08:28pm
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