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Tayah'smum replied to topic Nipple shields

Hi Super, how is the breastfeeding going? I am not sure if you are still looking for advise on nipple shields but here goes. My baby was born premature and for a lot of the premmie babies attachmen...

Wednesday 03 November 07:24pm

Tayah'smum replied to topic Premmie Baby Catchup

I honestly think it depends on just how premmie your baby is as well. They say that your baby's development is taken from their corrected age and that they catch up fully in size etc by the time th...

Monday 01 November 05:19am

Tayah'smum replied to topic Premmie baby experience

I would ove to know how all of your premmie babies are going. Our precious little girl was born at 29 weeks +1 in June 04. We live in the north of WA and were flown to Perth with no warning where w...

Monday 01 November 05:01am
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