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mum23 replied to topic Illawarra Mums!

Hi Mel, I'm Emily im 25 i have 3 girls (5,4,3) and a boy (17 months) and im due again in July. I'm from Unanderra. If you're interested in chatting my email is [email protected]

Friday 12 December 12:02pm


hello, i used the CC on my children 2 out of 3 still go to bed with out a fuss. in fact my daughter is 3 next month and as soon as it is dark she comes to me and ASKS to go to bed! my youngest als...

Saturday 22 September 07:04am

mum23 replied to topic Hip pain during labour

hi, i know exactly what you are talking about i had this pain with each of my pregnacies(4) and for me it didnt get any worse during labour. 2 out of 4 labours weren't very painful at all so i wou...

Wednesday 12 September 05:24pm

mum23 replied to topic age gap of bubs

hi, i have 4 kids, 4yrs and under. 3 girls, Jasmin (4), Latoya(3 next month)and Maddison(20 months)and a boy, Blake(8weeks). the girls are all 14 months apart and there is an 18month gap between M...

Wednesday 05 September 04:56am

mum23 replied to topic Nuk bottles-why no bubbles??

hi, i also have this problem but only with the silicone teats. my son is 7weeks old and he has trouble drinking from them i tried the latex teat as it came in the pack we bought and he gets the bub...

Sunday 26 August 06:03pm

mum23 replied to topic Confused!!!

hi, i have a doc in browns plains and they actually faxed a referal off to Logan hospital for me and i received a letter in the mail telling me my appointment time and that i needed to ring them an...

Sunday 26 August 05:49pm

mum23 replied to topic Pain Free Labour

hi, my second labour was virtually pain free...all i had was a bit of a stomach ache. which i only felt while sitting still...if i got up and walked around the pain actually disappeared and the hos...

Sunday 26 August 05:39pm

mum23 replied to topic bubs movement before labour

hi, i just had my 4th baby 7 weeks ago and he didnt slow down his movements at all. in fact he was kicking me the whole way through labour until he was born .

Sunday 26 August 05:31pm

mum23 replied to topic "morning" sickness cures wanted please :)

hi, i found that the sea bands helped me but also green apples i cant remember where i read this but i tried it out and it did work .... i took the skin off though as it sat heavily in my stomach. ...

Thursday 12 April 04:32am

mum23 replied to topic i can't stand this morning sickness

hi, this is my fourth pregnancy and have had morning sickness everytime. i found that "sea bands" helped me get them in the chemist for about $13. the generic brand dont work like the "real" one. ...

Sunday 18 March 09:48am

mum23 replied to topic Logan Hospital anyone???

i had my daughter at logan in 2004 i found they were quite good. was encouraged to be up and about through out my labour. was not rushed out the door at all i ended up asking to be discharged as i ...

Saturday 20 January 09:31am

mum23 replied to topic any mums aged 18+

hi my name is also Emily i have 3 daughters 3yrs 2yrs and 10 months. i am currently preg with number 4. im from brisbane look forward to talking some more. Maddison (10 months) is also getting in...

Saturday 18 November 09:09am

mum23 replied to topic PLAYGROUP - HERITAGE PARK QLD AREA??

hi, i am a mum of 3 girls aged 3, 2 and 9months im a sahm living in browns plains. my email is [email protected] if you wanna chat

Wednesday 25 October 03:39am

mum23 replied to topic Young mum new to logan

Hi Gretel My name is Emily, im 23 and have 3 daughters 3, 22months and nearly 8 months. we live in browns plains . if you want to chat my email and msn is [email protected]

Friday 08 September 12:24pm

mum23 replied to topic Let's get together, young families for fun!h

hey, i am a full time mum of 3 girls. my partner and i are 23 and 24. we live in browns plains. our children are 6months, 21 months and 3yrs. if you would like to chat my email and msn is e_thomson...

Saturday 22 July 05:17pm

mum23 replied to topic feb 2006 bubs born in qld who want to chat

hi, my youngest daughter was born on january 12 at 2:54pm at wollongong hospital NSW although we live in brisbane.

Wednesday 12 July 05:06pm

mum23 replied to topic mum with 3 chilren to chat

hi lisa, i have 3 girls. 3, 20 months and 5 1/2 months. id love to chat if you're interested. im in brisbane, where abouts are you? Emily

Tuesday 04 July 03:41am

mum23 started new topic Seeking Mums with Toddlers!

hi, i have 3 daughters they are 3(in a couple of weeks) 20 months and 5 1/2 months. so where abouts in brissy are you? im in browns plains. if you feel like a chat my email and msn is [email protected]

Saturday 01 July 06:29pm

mum23 replied to topic Anyone live around Browns Plains?

hi kate, i live in browns plains. i have lived here for nearly 2 years but dont know many people. would love to chat my msn is [email protected] i have 3 beautiful girls under 3. Emily

Wednesday 28 June 05:46pm

mum23 replied to topic Anyone who would like to chat?

hi shelley, my name is emily and im a mum to 3 girls under 3. 2.5yrs, 19mths, and 4 months. would love to chat sometime... my msn is [email protected]

Saturday 27 May 02:19pm
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