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lilmiss replied to topic moving to picton need mothers group

Theres one at Picton on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Not entirely sure where its held i *think* they moved it from the community hall to a church. Try searching on playgroupsNSW. Im kind of new t...

Sunday 25 March 06:41pm

lilmiss started new topic weightloss support

Todays the day im changing my life ladies!! Ive just set up a support group on MSN if anyone is interested in some motivation and support.

Monday 19 February 02:10pm

lilmiss started new topic Just thought i'd say goodbye....

In the interests of maintaining the integrity of the forum this discussion thread has been removed. We are aware that there have been a number of inflammatory posts made on the forum in recent wee...

Tuesday 20 June 10:56am

lilmiss replied to topic Troll Feeding

Yawn!!! If you are that worried about Trolls on the site, why bother coming here? Every site has its fair share of wack jobs, and posting "warnings" like this just encourages them.

Sunday 18 June 06:52am

lilmiss replied to topic Any mum's from Southern Highlands

Ive posted in the other thread, but just wanted you to know we have members in our group from Yanderra, Colo vale and Hill top, which is near you.

Thursday 15 June 12:14pm

lilmiss replied to topic Mum's from Wollondilly / Southern Highlands areas

Hi Laura, Im from Wollondilly, and im a member of a Southern Highlands group on a different parenting site. We have regular meet ups and we come from all over the S.H. Some members are as far down ...

Thursday 15 June 12:03pm

lilmiss replied to topic Toilet training success stories

I first trained DS#1 at about 20 months (because everyone told me i should be starting). It worked ok, but he just wasnt ready. We regressed back to nappies and then in summer at age 2 1/2 i used t...

Tuesday 06 June 06:41am

lilmiss started new topic Zaynesmumma - how did the tattoo go?

Did you go through with it? Give us all the goss....

Monday 29 May 06:48am

lilmiss replied to topic Pillow talk

OOHHH I thought you meant the OTHER pillow talk, i thought what a juicy thread topic, lmao. In answer to your question: Baby #1 in own room at 4 months, pillow at about 6 months. Baby #2 In own ro...

Sunday 28 May 07:44am

lilmiss replied to topic What's next?????

Hey mandy, You know my whole position on the cheating thing from the other post, but i wont bring that all up here. If he cant trust you, then in my opinion, a relationship, especially one involvi...

Thursday 25 May 06:23am

lilmiss replied to topic Any mums suffer from Chickenpox before??

Ohhh Lucy, you poor thing, i know exactly how you feel! I had them last year at age 25 thanks to my son and his day care... and like you, i had them EVERYWHERE!!! I found bicarb, calomine etc didnt...

Wednesday 17 May 07:13am

lilmiss started new topic Today is another one of those days......

please tell me im not the only one that has them, you know those days when you just want to rip your hair out? DS#2 has been really sick for the last few days with gastro and his stomach teeth, he...

Tuesday 16 May 01:32pm

lilmiss replied to topic YOURS OR HIS?????

I dont think you are strange, i find them comfy too. Im not a real big fan of underwear, i prefer to go au natural when at home. But when i was pregnant i had a heap of fluid from pre eclampsia and...

Tuesday 09 May 07:32am

lilmiss started new topic The mouse

I swear, he is like that mouse that knows all the tricks, whats that movie called? 1st he eats all the food of the extra sesitive traps, and eats my 2 min noodles, now the little f*cker is running ...

Saturday 06 May 11:23am

lilmiss replied to topic BB06

I LIKE THE COUNTRY BOY.... I picked the mother and Daughter straight away too. In Krystals video, the backgrounds were identical even the bedroom background and she had blonde hair and looked heap...

Monday 24 April 05:41pm

lilmiss replied to topic Do they ever grow up

yeah, um, i dont think they ever grow up.

Sunday 23 April 04:39pm

lilmiss replied to topic Any Picton mums

ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im at wilton....YIPEEE a mum near me, lmao. And i shop at Picton almost everyday!!!!! I see you emailed me though, so cant wait to hear back...

Friday 21 April 06:00pm

lilmiss replied to topic Babysitters/Nannies in the Northern Sydney Area (Marsfield/North Ryde)

try i have used them before and i found the selection of women to choose from were great.

Monday 17 April 04:27pm

lilmiss replied to topic pen pals in southern highlands

i emailed you, looking forward to hearing from you!

Sunday 16 April 04:27pm

lilmiss started new topic Together Forever?!

Big hugs Claire! You poor thing! Maybe your DP just needs time. It would be horrible for you to act like normal, knowing that you are only together for certain reasons and counting the days down un...

Saturday 08 April 05:48pm
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