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Camilla replied to topic ANY IDEAS

Really depends on your lifestyle - when we arrived to MLB we did not know the suburbs or city at all - we have settled in the Eastern suburbs - Templestowe, Donvale, East Doncaster - we liked the ...

Wednesday 05 July 07:01pm

Camilla replied to topic 2 yr birthday present

Although my DD is only 19mths she loves her tea sets, pots/pans and cooking utensils and I have just bought her the "Breville just like mums" kettle and toaster that is on special at Aldi this week...

Saturday 24 June 09:08pm

Camilla replied to topic whats are your childs fav toys?

My DD is almost 19 months and we cannot go anywhere without her little carry case of crayons and pencils.

Wednesday 31 May 08:24pm

Camilla replied to topic talking

Hi Carab I am in the same boat - my daughter turns 19 mths in a few days and sais the basic words. She points, squeals till she gets what she is looking for. I tell her to use her words but to n...

Wednesday 31 May 08:19pm

Camilla replied to topic Brought as puppy. What was I thinking!@&^*%

Hello Shweeee We did it the other way around - We had an adorable cocker spaniel who was just over a year when we had our daughter - it certainly was hard in the beginning getting her trained and ...

Thursday 18 May 05:34pm

Camilla replied to topic Fun Car

Received the car on Tuesday and my daughter is loving it - she has found another use for it - she pushes either the front or the back and walks in it so it rolls as she goes - almost as if she was ...

Saturday 06 May 07:05pm

Camilla started new topic Switching Roles

Hi Brett / Belinda My 17 mth old daughter loves her books and drawing - and is forever sitting with a book near her. She is not yet talking but certainly understands everything we say - the conce...

Saturday 29 April 08:29pm

Camilla replied to topic wrapping to sllep

Hi My daughter loved being wrapped and when she started unwrapping herself we put her into a sleeping bag - these were great as we could alternate btw sleeve or sleeveless depending on the weather ...

Friday 28 April 07:29pm

Camilla started new topic What happened to my "Perfect Sleeper" and how to get her back?

Hi Maree We had the "Perfect Sleeper" (would settle herself and sleep through till 10am) until the Xmas holidays where we shared a room with her and for some reason thought it necessary for one us...

Tuesday 25 April 10:18pm
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