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mamajj replied to topic Tell me about yourself (another game)

1. Hey there again everyone! I realised I said hello to you all and then disappeared again, I have a valid excuse this time though as we have been away on holidays in QLD. 2. Having DS1 for 4 wee...

Wednesday 09 May 01:08pm

mamajj replied to topic Tell me about yourself (another game)

1. Hello from beyond, sorry I have been AWOL for so long. I did come back and chatted to Monique but this was before the whole big face lift, wow look at the place now! 2. Happy birthday to the Tw...

Tuesday 17 April 06:48pm

mamajj replied to topic School Readiness

Also has anyone used this eWorkbook program: Love to hear some reviews Thanks again

Saturday 22 July 12:22pm

mamajj started new topic School Readiness

Hi all and especially mum's and dad's who have kids at school or going to start next year. My son is off to school next year and I would like him to be ready enough to cope with all the other kids...

Saturday 22 July 12:11pm

mamajj started new topic Kids tag-a-long/half bike for cycling

(it is a half bike that attaches to an adult bike) Does anyone else have one of these? I'm considering getting one as I have a great bike but can never ride it as I always have to tag along a chil...

Monday 29 May 03:02pm

mamajj replied to topic Thank you [email protected]@ies

I agree 100%, there are so many of us who needed somewhere to go with our older kids, even if they are only 4!! Thanks

Wednesday 10 May 05:24pm

mamajj started new topic Pray for Sophie Delezio

My heart goes out to Sophie and her family. Channel 10 News has just reported that Sophie has been reported as having a heart attack after being hit by a car this afternoon. I just don't how her fa...

Saturday 06 May 02:06pm

mamajj started new topic Older Children's Forum needed

I've noticed that on the forums we have a few sections that relate to our children: Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby & Toddler. But what if we want to discuss our older kids? Do we stop needing advice aft...

Sunday 02 April 05:43am

mamajj started new topic Health insurance

Hi, just seeking comparisons as my Health insurance is jumping up another $12 a month to up to $190 per month for family cover. In 2001 I was paying $135 and I'm amazed how much it keeps getting, ...

Tuesday 28 March 11:44am

mamajj started new topic Book club

This post is originally in the Book Reviews Forum, but I thought I more people would see it here: Just wondering if anyone would be interested in starting an online Big Kids Bookclub? (BKB) We c...

Thursday 23 March 06:17am

mamajj started new topic Big Kids Bookclub

As we have worked out, the bookclub the site is promoting is for kids titles, which is great but sometimes we need to feel like adults and read our own books. Just wondering if anyone would be int...

Wednesday 22 March 06:19am

mamajj started new topic Jodi Picoult

Any fan's? I really love her books, she has always caught me out with her little twists.

Thursday 16 March 08:31pm

mamajj replied to topic Christening Boxes - to store christening gowns

Have you considered a gift box? I purchased a large sized one, that was made of high gloss cardboard, placed sheets of tissue paper inside and then my children's christening gown inside. You can ...

Saturday 04 March 12:30pm

mamajj started new topic IUD's

Just wanting to hear from anyone who is using or has used and IUD for contraception. My DH and I have agreed that our family is as we want and that there will not be anymore children for us in the...

Tuesday 21 February 08:03am

mamajj replied to topic WHY SO HARD

Firstly Andrew - Welcome to the site! second - Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure that you are not failing as a father at all. My husband doesn't work 6 days a week, but he works horrible hou...

Monday 16 January 10:45am

mamajj replied to topic Why did you choose your LOGIN name?

Yeah, I'm one of those completely obvious login names mama as I'm a mother and jj are my intials. What's special about it to me though is I have used this little title since the birth of my son. ...

Tuesday 20 December 03:22pm

mamajj replied to topic Second Hand Cots

I got this off another web site, hope it helps: When buying a cot for your baby it is important to consider safety above all other factors. The following is a checklist of cot safety factors you...

Monday 19 December 06:07am

mamajj replied to topic Another Story....

In the heart of suburbia stood a humbe home, it had a pretty front garden with flowers and backyard full of toys, this was the family of of the "Letssee". Mother Letssee was heavly pregnant with h...

Friday 14 October 03:48am

mamajj started new topic Another Story....

Okay, Poor Petey has moved onto better things with his best friend Mel and it's time to start a new story. I have been volenteered to start this so if i get it all wrong, can some one please fix i...

Friday 14 October 03:44am

mamajj replied to topic Cutting teeth

No need to stress Sonia, teeth come when they want and even though there is a general order, it's perfectly normal for them cut in a different order. My son also cut his 2 side teeth before the 2 ...

Wednesday 05 October 05:05am
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