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JD replied to topic Does anyone still has pregnancy belly?

Hi guys, I too have still got the saggy skin/belly at the bottom. I hate it!! but I must admit its getting better. I'm not big on exercise or dieting, I was always just a size 12 but things have...

Wednesday 27 April 04:37pm

JD replied to topic banana bread

Hi Heidi, Many Thanx for the recipe, I made it with the choc chips and it is divine!!! My little princess loooves banana and chocolate of course! I found the whole family wanting 2 pieces!! Thanx...

Wednesday 27 April 04:20pm

JD replied to topic Mars Bar Slice

Hi Sam, I'm looking for an old friend with the same name in NSW. She also makes a mean Mars Bar Slice and we've lost contact in the past 18 months, I was wondering if by any chance your surname is...

Thursday 21 April 12:58pm

JD replied to topic pikelet recipies

Hi Danica's Mum! I have an easy recipe for Pikelets that I make for Brooke (and me!! LOL). 1 Cup Self-raising Flour 2 teaspoons caster sugar 1 egg, lightly beaten 180ml (3/4 cup) milk, approx. C...

Thursday 21 April 12:49pm

JD replied to topic Really bad nappy rash

Hi, my little one is teething at the moment and has a really bad nappy rash too. I usually put cloth nappies on her during the day but have switched to Huggies day and night now. I've found taking...

Wednesday 20 April 05:46pm

JD replied to topic sensitive washing powder

My daughter has quite sensitive skin and I use wool wash to wash her clothes in. I Napisan her clothes overnight first (It does most of the work and helps for killing off bacteria for their sensit...

Wednesday 20 April 05:15pm

JD started new topic What age is it ok to switch to cow's milk?

Hi, I have an 11month old girl and She only has a bottle at night now. At the moment she is still on follow on formula, but I was just wondering when its safe to switch to cow's milk? I have be...

Wednesday 20 April 04:20pm

JD replied to topic Any mum's in Bundaberg

Hey Chicky, I live in Bundy! My little girl is 10mths old and her name is Brook- a bright little spark she is (can ya tell I'm proud!?) I have only lived here for 18mths and don't really know many...

Thursday 07 April 03:40pm

JD replied to topic Single Mum

hey Jake's Mum, My partner just left me recently and my baby girl is 10mths old now. I have told him that he can come and see her whenever he wants just as long as he calls and lets me know first...

Thursday 07 April 03:29pm

JD replied to topic Babies born in May

Hi Silvia! Thanks for the tip. I heated it up today the same I would do her formula but she still spat it out and just would'nt suck it. So I had a brainwave! Feed her water with a spoon! No go...

Sunday 05 December 06:49pm


Hi! I'm having a problem with my bub sleeping during the day from being so hot and sticky. I'm not sure if I should have a fan in her room or not, any advice please? Also what sort of clothing do ...

Sunday 05 December 06:40pm

JD replied to topic Your Parenting Tips

Hi Guys, I agree! I have shaker that I bought from Tupperware and every night I make up formula with that. It makes it soooo much easier for me with a active little girl who likes her mummys atte...

Sunday 05 December 10:04am

JD replied to topic chewing his cot!

Hi! My 6mth old doesn't have any teeth yet but she sucks and slobbers on her cot like its food! I agree that it must be soothing for them..and I thought my daughter was the only crazy baby doing i...

Saturday 04 December 08:47pm

JD replied to topic Routine for a 6+m baby

Not sure if I would call it a routine because some days I just go with the flow! But generally: 7am - Wake up, cuddles bottle, sleep 8am - Wake up, bath, breakfast (weetbix and banana), play, wat...

Saturday 04 December 08:16pm

JD replied to topic Annoying pram, when should I use a stroller ?

Hi Mel, Just a suggestion, I have a big full sized stroller for walking, but also have a mothers choice stroller I picked up from KMart for $25. It folds down and has a sun shade that can be taken...

Saturday 04 December 07:51pm

JD replied to topic Babies born in May

Hi Kristy! Hi other mums with gorgeous 6month old angels! My little ray of sunshine is Brooke, she was born on the 20th May 2004 at Bundaberg Base Hospital. At the moment she is 8kgs and 67cm long...

Saturday 04 December 07:31pm

JD replied to topic Is T.V Watching bad???

Hi Kitty, I have read that a little TV each day is fine. As long as she isn't too close there isn't a problem. My baby girl loves TV and the computer! I put on The Wiggles or HI 5 for her when s...

Tuesday 16 November 08:24pm

JD replied to topic 4 mth old baby

Hi Trudie, My baby girl Brooke will be 6mths on the 20th and she doesn't have any teeth yet and isn't crawling either. She can go around in circles on her belly using her hands to push but the leg...

Tuesday 16 November 08:13pm

JD started new topic Formula Help

Hi, I'm a new mum and I bottle feed my 5 month old baby. At the moment I'm using S26 no.1 formula but she seems to be throwing up just about every bottle. I stop and burp her at least 3 times thr...

Tuesday 05 October 03:43pm
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