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track* replied to topic recipe for rocky road

Hi Anne, Here is a receipe for you. ROCKY ROAD 375g dark cooking chocolate melts 100g Cadbury milk chocolate 20g copha 40g butter 1 tbs cocoa 200g small marshmallows 2/3 cup shredded ...

Saturday 16 September 11:20am

track* started new topic Dry Skin

Hi! I have a 1 week old baby and her skin is very dry and peeling. I was just wondering if any one had any suggestions on what to use for her. At the moment we are using Alpha Keri Oil in her ba...

Tuesday 11 July 05:36pm

track* replied to topic Why won't he drink the bottle?!

Hi cutiesgirlsmum, I know exactly what your going through my daughter was exactly the same and after numerous visits to the drs, CHN, hospital and two different paediatricians, we finally found out...

Friday 24 March 08:12pm

track* replied to topic how much does your 1 year old weigh?!

Hi, Mylittle girl was 1 on the 27th of November. I had her weighed today and she weighs 9.7kg and is 79cms long.

Wednesday 08 February 07:18pm

track* replied to topic John Hunter Hospital

hi there I had my baby at the JHH in Nov 04 and am having my second there in July 06. I had Teagan in the birthing centre and all the midwives were great, the postnatal midwives were also great i o...

Friday 16 December 08:46pm

track* replied to topic What do you hate most about being a mummy or daddy?

hi there i totally agree with lincoln's mummy. when my daughter was 5 weeks old she had to have a urine sample cause the dr said she had an infection (which she didn't) and they did it exactly the...

Monday 18 April 06:18pm

track* replied to topic not going to a baby clinic

hi there, my baby is 4months old as well and the only time i go to the baby health clinic is for the checks in the blue book. I have teagan weighed at the chemist (they have a clinic sister there) ...

Sunday 17 April 05:32pm

track* replied to topic how much should a baby be drinking

hi there, I too was a bit concerned about my daughter who is 4 months old and only drinking about 140mls each bottle (sometimes less). She has 5 feeds a day the dr told me as long as she is putting...

Saturday 09 April 05:29pm

track* replied to topic 4mnth old babies

hi there, I totally agree with Jeninne. My little girl teagan is four months 61.5cm long and 6kg. however she was only 2.6kg born and 47cm long. All bub's are different, so dont feel bad.

Thursday 31 March 04:50pm

track* replied to topic No Tears

Hi there, thanks for you replys. I took Teagan for her needles 2day and yes i saw real tears just a few but they were there. And your right it does make you bad. Thanks again

Thursday 31 March 04:43pm

track* started new topic No Tears

My baby is four months old and when she cries she doesn't have any tears. Just wondering if this is normal? When are babies suppose to get tears?

Tuesday 29 March 03:56pm

track* replied to topic glycerine on bub's dummy

My sister in law suggested i do this to help settle her down and it did help, however i have since heard that it can encourage a "sweet tooth". Didn't know about the tooth decay though.Thankyou.

Tuesday 29 March 03:54pm

track* started new topic glycerine on bub's dummy

hi all Iwas just wondering what other mum's think about putting glycerine on bub's dummy and how many people do it.

Friday 25 March 08:12pm
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