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kathgirl replied to topic Going Back to Work

Hi Mandy I am currently in the same situation as you. I will probably be going back to work for 3 days a week and have totaly breastfed my 6 month old until about 2 weeks ago. I also found that ...

Monday 27 June 04:19pm

kathgirl replied to topic problems with my mother

Hi Melly I totally agree with JZ. I really think that you need to tell her straight out to basically get a life! If my mum or any member of my family said anything like that to me about my son we...

Tuesday 24 May 05:32pm

kathgirl started new topic Starting Solids

I am after some advice on starting solids. My littleman is 5mths and i started to introduce solids yesterday for the first time. I am only just starting rice cereal and apples. I have been readi...

Saturday 21 May 05:57pm

kathgirl started new topic Going back to work

Hi All I just wanted some female and motherly advice from you. I am still on maternity leave and am due to go back to work full time in August and i need to let work know my intentions at least 4...

Saturday 21 May 05:45pm

kathgirl replied to topic Stretch Marks

Hi, i was reading mother and Baby magazine over the last few nights and i have come across another cream/oil that may help and i am willing to give it a go. Its called Bio Oil and can get it from ...

Sunday 01 May 06:20pm

kathgirl started new topic Cheesy Chicken Recipe

I thought i would share a really nice and easy recipe with you that hopefully will entice kids to eat chicken a bit differently. You will need:- 4 Chicken Breast (or how many in the family) 2 egg...

Sunday 01 May 06:10pm
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