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jojo21 started new topic 17 month old Not Walking

Can any one help me my ds is 17 months and is not walking he is crusing the furniture and will talk a few steps but it is like it is hurting him to walk and if he falls down he cries and his knees ...

Saturday 23 June 06:03pm

jojo21 replied to topic toddler hearing

hi, I am sorry to hear that you are having problems but I would be getting a referal to see anears nose and throat specialist so the problem can be seen to and hopefully fixed otherwise contact the...

Saturday 23 June 06:00pm

jojo21 replied to topic Dancing

Hi I have a 4 year old dd and she has been dancing for the last 1 1/2 years I started her off due to the lack of confidence in herself know you see a totally different child i thought she would hav...

Saturday 23 June 05:58pm

jojo21 replied to topic No Teeth Yet

Hi jenni, My ds is 12 months old and still no teeth I can see the top ones sitting there and a white dot on the bottom and it has been there for a few weeks know it seems he has very tough gums an...

Thursday 22 February 11:06am

jojo21 started new topic allergies/intolerance

I need help with what to feed my 12 month old he has reactions to dairy products and is on soya formula i need to find something I can feed him. He also has no teeth at this stage so we are trying...

Thursday 22 February 11:02am

jojo21 started new topic dairy allergy / intolerance

Hi, I have a 12 monthe old little boy who has had allergy tests done and we have found that we have got a false negative but every time I give him dairy he has a reaction. I have seen an allergist...

Thursday 22 February 10:58am

jojo21 replied to topic Bread - what sort to introduce first??

Hi, I have heard that you get can get a yeast free bread from bakers delight a bit more expensive but if ti helps why not give it a go. Good luck with it all

Thursday 22 February 10:54am

jojo21 replied to topic 24th December 2005 (7.24pm)

Dear Karen, I don't have children that are born close to christmas but my brother in law was born on christmas so once he was old enough his parents would celebrate his birthday on the day that he...

Saturday 22 July 06:16pm

jojo21 replied to topic awake, playtime. How long should they be staying awake for?

hi my Ds is 21 weeks and he is only up for 1hr 15 mins then back down to bed otherwise he will not settle himself down to bed and watch out world I will let you know that I am here. Good luck it al...

Sunday 25 June 06:05pm

jojo21 replied to topic 1st tooth

Sorry it can take a week or it can tqake up to 3 months. It will grow so there is no need to worry about it. If you are concerned see your chn or dentist. cheers

Sunday 25 June 06:00pm

jojo21 replied to topic Playgroups on Mondays in Penrith Area

HI Montysmum, I live at st marys I have heard of one group that does meet at Centro not sure of days but seen in forum. I work Mon - Thurs but I have a 4 month old and an almost 4 year old I am lo...

Sunday 25 June 05:58pm

jojo21 replied to topic SCARED TO GO IN COT,HELP!!

hi, My DD was doing the same thing to me when I put her in the cot she would scream I ended up putting her on a mattress on the floor to sleep. This worked and then she moved herself into a bigbe...

Monday 12 June 05:39pm

jojo21 replied to topic NAPPY RASY HELP!!!

I have two children and I use wet nappy liners to wipe little bums. Then I use cornstarch powder or sorbeline cream normally redkins nappy rash clears up within 24 hours. Hopefully you will have ...

Saturday 27 May 05:16pm

jojo21 replied to topic can somebody help

Hi rachel, I have a 4 month old and have been spoiled he sleeps through the night at the moment hopefully this will not change last bottle when I go to sleep 10:30 - 11:00 (Dream sleep) and he sle...

Saturday 27 May 05:09pm

jojo21 replied to topic January 2006 Babies

Hi Bri, I had a little boy in Jan 2006 DOB 27/1/06 Weight: 8 pounds Length: 51.5cm Head Circumference 35.5cm Time of Birth 8:45pm Hospital: Blacktown NSW Waters broke on Wednesday night I was in...

Saturday 27 May 04:53pm

jojo21 replied to topic 4 month old from bottle to starting bland solids

Can somebody help me I have a 4 month old boy. He is feeding every two hours and not even drinking 120mls at a time. He is on infasoy due to reflux should I try him farex to fill him up as he is ...

Saturday 27 May 04:43pm

jojo21 replied to topic weight loss after baby

I was advised to attend physio after the arrival of my second child. I don't really see the point I threw up for nine months and put on min weight since then i have lost it all total 16kg. I only...

Saturday 29 April 08:21am

jojo21 replied to topic Blacktown playgroup?

Sorry I don't know about one at Blacktown but I am aware of one that is run on a Sat morning for dads and bubs but this is at combridge park I will find out more and post it up for you.

Monday 24 April 06:39pm

jojo21 replied to topic blacktown hospital

hi I had my second child at Blacktown in Jan 06 I had no problems with the staff as they are there to help you and if I had any questions they would also answer them for you. I had him in the lab...

Monday 24 April 06:23pm

jojo21 replied to topic sleep cd

Hi Danae, I can't remeber the title or who wrote the CD but you are able to buy it from target it costs about $25.00. I have a 13 week old my self and I live on a busy street so I play music for m...

Monday 24 April 06:00pm
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