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leisa_commins replied to topic naughty boy, mummy can't take much more!

Hi You are not alone I have two 3 yr olds whom at 2 and roughly10mths have started doing their worst. Before this I too have done the same with the saftey lock and stuff, but I have found that tim...

Saturday 18 September 10:32pm

leisa_commins replied to topic Friend from mums group not very responsible

Some people have a lax view to parenthood. And some things are ok, whilst others are increadably dangerous. I believe so long as these idea's don't involve broken body parts, or burns or poisonous ...

Saturday 18 September 10:03pm

leisa_commins replied to topic Who can share stories of very Premmie Babies?

Hi Im Leisa, Hi Michelle, well to begin with My pregnancy was an IVF conception. I had the second attempt and succeeded in conception of feternal twin boys. My pregnancy was fraught with old blood...

Saturday 18 September 09:51pm

leisa_commins replied to topic New mum who doesn't have mum of her own

Hi Im Leisa, Im a 31 yr old Mum whom lost her Mum just on the verge of succeeding in IVF. I have a elderly Mother - In - Law whom is febble minded and to old to give the help I need. On the accoun...

Saturday 18 September 09:35pm

leisa_commins replied to topic YUCK!!

My Son was toileting the other day and with his first attempts at going to toilet after telling me he needed to go, some how he managed to get poo on the floor, which then scraped under the door an...

Saturday 18 September 09:28pm

leisa_commins replied to topic Your Parenting Tips

Hi Im Leisa, My tip is that for first time Mum's please listen to the Nurse's. Dont get fooled into running to them when they cry. After checking the is she this list, and she still cry's dont go ...

Saturday 18 September 09:24pm

leisa_commins replied to topic Friends going wierd?

Try asking her what exactly is she angry or jealous of you for, and if she wont deliver, tell her she is upseting you and you would don't know why she is treating you this way. Make sure that you d...

Saturday 18 September 09:12pm

leisa_commins replied to topic Anyone with "I will NEVER do that when I have a child" stories?

Hi Im Leisa, I found that I was serverly angry at my sister for being over protective of her daughter. Then when the day came that I was stuck in hospital for the remainder of my pregancy and was ...

Saturday 18 September 09:02pm

leisa_commins started new topic Twin 1 still has trouble controlling wee's

Hi Im Leisa, My first twin has gotten to the stage of controlling and going toilet to do poo's. He is 3 yrs old and know exactly what to do and tells me exactly what he must do, he is able to pull...

Saturday 18 September 08:34pm

leisa_commins replied to topic help toilet training 18mth old?

You may find that she is ready, but in all honesty you wait till she is at least dry for 2 hour periods. Start with wee on the potty at the bath before bath time and progress to first morning wee's...

Saturday 18 September 08:23pm

leisa_commins replied to topic potty or toilet?

You might find that your child might feel more comfortable starting on the potty, and as she or he is doing it well and may accidently poo, over praise them and then try in the morning when they ar...

Saturday 18 September 08:18pm

leisa_commins replied to topic Toilet training 2.4 year old

I have a son whom is 3 yrs of age, currently we have a wee problem that is taking forever. His twin feternal brother has finished before him and he started after him. I strongly think that it is s...

Saturday 18 September 08:07pm
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