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kazzabe replied to topic In Laws - too helpful!!!

Hi Andrea, how you thought about putting Cayley in her pushchair and having grandma take her for a walk. That way you get a chance to do a few things round the house without tripping over her and s...

Saturday 29 January 10:07am

kazzabe replied to topic How do I introduce Cow's Milk

You can start by using cows milk on his cereal and in cheese sauce and custards. I was advised that mixing with formula can prolong the transition and its best to just go for it. My son has had sma...

Monday 10 January 06:10pm

kazzabe replied to topic first time on parents exchange

Hi Megan. I also browse this site but don't often post anything. If you want a NZ based site try... They have a forum there and all the mums are from NZ. I love reading ever...

Wednesday 22 December 07:49am

kazzabe replied to topic Struggling to change nappies/clothes with 9 mth old.

You have just described my son Jack who will be 9 months next week. Now that the weather is warmer, I dress him in stages. At night after his bath it can take half an hour or more to get him dresse...

Tuesday 09 November 08:48am

kazzabe replied to topic club feet

Hi Sarah, you are Lyle and Liz's grand daughter aren't you? I'm Karyn who married Colin who use to be neighbours with Lyle and Liz in Whangaparaoa. Your little fella was born a couple of weeks afte...

Thursday 04 November 05:14pm

kazzabe replied to topic I have learnt........

I have learnt that babies wait until they have a CLEAN nappy on before they do poos...

Thursday 04 November 05:00pm

kazzabe replied to topic How long til your period returns?

My son weaned himself at 7 months and the next week I had my period. That was 6 weeks ago and my period has not been backsince. I have done a preggie test but that was negative so my body must stil...

Friday 29 October 03:35pm

kazzabe replied to topic too much sleep??

Is she crawling or mobile in any way as she may be using more energy which is making her more sleepy. My 8 month old can have up to 3 naps a day ranging from 1-2 1/2 hours. Sometimes I feel guilty ...

Tuesday 26 October 01:32pm

kazzabe replied to topic I dont know what to do

You say you have been fighting since your boys were born so that tells me that before the children, you had a good relationship. What I have found (from experience) is that as a mother you feel as...

Thursday 21 October 03:03am

kazzabe replied to topic Hyperactive @ 5mths??!

My 8 month old also use to shake and go stiff almost like a convulsion. I think they are soooo eager to get up and move that they get very frustrated. Now that my baby is crawling he is much happie...

Thursday 21 October 02:42am

kazzabe replied to topic Lose weight with me

I haven't weighed myself at all cause I know nothing has changed. I was really good all day and even went for a walk. We had only been home 1/2 and hour when a friend popped in for a cup of tea. Ho...

Saturday 16 October 02:58pm

kazzabe replied to topic Quick help

Do you have a lemon tree? Try a hot lemon and honey drink.

Saturday 16 October 03:38am

kazzabe replied to topic Lose weight with me

Just a quick update. Bubs and I went for 2 walks yesterday. After I had said I would join the weight lose quest, I remembered I had a leg of pork out for dinner. I tried to be good but I couldn't r...

Saturday 02 October 03:46am

kazzabe replied to topic Becoming A Single Mum

I was a single mum for nine years with my eldest son so I know how hard it can be. I was lucky that I had a good support system with family and friends to lean on. It is hard enough bringing up a 1...

Friday 01 October 07:07am

kazzabe replied to topic Lose weight with me

I will give it a go also. I am so unmotivated at the moment so having some moral support will be good. With summer coming up, the thought of taking bubs to the beach is exciting, but I don't want t...

Friday 01 October 06:51am

kazzabe replied to topic Nice surprise

How cute!!! My 7 1/2 month old son has not said mumma or dada yet but when he is eating he says "yum". I try to convince my husband and my 16 year old son that he is really saying "mum". They just ...

Friday 01 October 06:41am

kazzabe replied to topic Anyone got teenagers?

Here I am. I also have a 16 year old boy who works part time at the local supermarket as well as going to college. He is doing his 5th form exams this year. I also have a 7 month old son and my hus...

Saturday 25 September 02:30am

kazzabe replied to topic Thank -you

Hi Ann, I think I recognise you from another site (won't mention any names). I agree with you about feeling welcome. Everyone offers helpful advice without making you feel stupid. I have not seen a...

Tuesday 21 September 02:56pm

kazzabe replied to topic Age when you have your first baby.

I was 2 months off turning 19 when I had my first son. I am now 34 and have a beautiful 7 month old boy who adores his 16 year old brother. We are hoping to have another one soon

Tuesday 21 September 02:50pm

kazzabe replied to topic Self-weaning

Hi Lynette, Jack has always had a bottle as well as the breast, and over the last few weeks the breast has been more for comfort rather than for nutrition so it is not surprising that he has decid...

Tuesday 21 September 02:35pm
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