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MaryB replied to topic Things are better 'stop blaming the child'

Thats great Beckie glad to hear things are slowly falling into place , good luck with it all Maryb

Friday 19 May 06:17pm

MaryB started new topic Gastro

Hi Mums I have a 2yr old who has had gastro since last Mon that night we took him to the hospital he had done 12poos and had a fever he has been doing less runny poos 3to 4 a day, i have been givin...

Sunday 22 January 10:08pm

MaryB replied to topic 2yr old who doesn't sleep by himself

Hi Belinda, Cant help you but your not the only one my little man who is 2yrs is doing the same for the last 2weeks he wants to sleep in my bed at the moment i am letting him because went to doctor...

Monday 02 January 08:50pm

MaryB started new topic Ingrown toenail

Hi i have a 23mth old boy and he has an ingrown toenail i notice it tonight after his bath it must just have inflamed it isnt bothering him, i was just wondering has anyone had this problem and how...

Thursday 20 October 04:34pm

MaryB started new topic Separation Anxiety

HI, My son Michael is 23 months. For the last month when I go to put him to bed at night he cries everytime I leave the room. If dad goes in the room all he does is call out for mum. Lately it ...

Monday 10 October 06:21pm

MaryB started new topic seperation anxiety

Hi Marie my little one Michael who will be two in dec 11th is crying everytime we put him to bed at night everytime i leave the room he will scream and i have to keep going in there it has only sta...

Monday 10 October 03:51pm

MaryB started new topic not drinking milk

Hi my little man Michael doesnt like having his milk anymore its been one month now i have tried everything, he still loves his witbix with milk thank god. So at night because he wont have his mil...

Sunday 02 October 05:26pm

MaryB replied to topic what to do when there is no love

Hi Kerrie, Sorry to hear about what your going through your the only person who can decide what is right for you, i can only say you have to weigh up are you more happier than sad or more sad than ...

Thursday 22 September 05:51pm

MaryB replied to topic Angry and Frustrated

Hi it must be hard to be a single mum so i can understand your frustration at times. Have you tried the naughty corner with your little one instead of smacking. When my little is being naughty i gi...

Thursday 08 September 05:18pm

MaryB replied to topic caring 3.9year olds

Thats a wonderful story and your right kids can be very caring little people it must make you proud of your little boy. Maryb

Friday 02 September 06:55pm

MaryB replied to topic What are your thoughts on Toddler "Leashes"?

Hi Mel I know what you mean about walking the dog. my little boy is 18mths and already loves to walk around and i have thought of down the track getting one myself,onei think if you are at a place ...

Sunday 26 June 08:46am

MaryB started new topic Day Naps

Hi Marie I have a 18mth old boy and for the last 2mths he only sleeps 1/2 hour during the day i have done all the settling stuff belive me and he will not go back to sleep even afther an 1hr of try...

Thursday 09 June 05:03pm

MaryB replied to topic Day sleep

Hi Mel, Your son sounds like my at the moment, i also tried the yesterday giving him one sleep i put him down at 12pm he slept only 1/2 hour i will keep trying this and hope like you he atleast sle...

Wednesday 06 April 10:47am

MaryB started new topic Day sleep

Hi to all the mums My little boy michael who is 16mths old has been playing up with his day sleeping he has never been a big sleeper but i would atleast get 1 hour out of him in the mornings and 1 ...

Sunday 03 April 05:06am

MaryB replied to topic neurofen v's panadol

Hi christy i have tried both and have found neurofen much better for teething it helps when their gums are inflamed. It is stroner so only use it when there are bad my little oneis having a but tim...

Thursday 04 November 06:21pm

MaryB replied to topic success with controlled crying?

Hi Elz I tried the controlled crying michael was a really bad sleeper after trying everything i gave it a go i did the 2,4,6,8,10 mins it was really hard but lucky for me it only took to days and m...

Tuesday 02 November 07:02pm

MaryB started new topic Teething and sleeping

Hi to all mums I have a 10 1/2 month old boy and at the moment he is having a bad time teething he is getting all his teeth at once first tooth came out 4 days ago now the 2nd tooth is coming and ...

Monday 01 November 07:51am

MaryB started new topic Getting rid of dummy

Hi Mariee I was wanting to know were do i begin to wean my 10 month old of the dummy he isnt sleeping through the night yet always waking up 4 to 5 times a night manly for his dummy when it falls o...

Sunday 24 October 05:29am

MaryB replied to topic Sleeping Bag Help

Hi Dawn We had our son last dec when the hot weather started and we used to put him in a singlet and nappie and wraped him in a muslern wrap you can get it at lincraft it was great because there s...

Thursday 07 October 05:36am

MaryB replied to topic Hates Tummy Time

Hi Bri Michael dosent roll much either my nurse said it is harder for bigger babies because they have more weight to pull up as michael gets stonger he will get there poor things so that is why i w...

Wednesday 22 September 12:15pm
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